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Nov 28, 2013 03:29 PM

New Cast Iron Skillet Owner Has a Question

I just bought a brand new Lodge cast iron skillet and made latkes tonight. I'm going to make more tomorrow. Can I leave the oil in the skillet for tomorrow or will this damage it?

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  1. i've left pork fat in overnight - never had problem.

    that being said, when seasoning after further use, you should work with the smallest amount of fat possible, i.e.: about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of fat, wiping it down with a paper towel, and removing all excess. otherwise, the seasoning can take on a tacky texture, and eventually cleve off the pan.

    i would feel comfortable leaving it in, then, when cleaning, pay attention to how thin you can get the "finish" coat of fat/oil.

    1. Most definitely. My mom almost never cleaned hers. Just scraped out what solids there were as best she could.


      1. You can't leave water in it. Oil is fine.