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Nov 28, 2013 01:58 PM

Shrimp chips

I am looking to buy shrimp chips that have not been fried yet. They are round white disks. They puff up in the fryer. Please help. Every time I go into a store looking for them, marche Hawaii. And the store on Decarie, no one knows what I am talking about. Thks!

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  1. That's strange, I buy tons of them at Marche Hawai whenever I am there. They are called krupuk in Indonesia and there are many kinds in aisle 10, not just shrimp but tempeh, emping, rice crackers that also puff up. They are not all round or white, btw, so maybe that's causing confusion? The most common kind that you can get in Chinatown or Chinese grocers are pink and oval. I think those are commonly called prawn crackers.

    1. Try to ask for Tapioca chips instead.

      You can find them at G and D in chinatown

      1. Have you checked the "junk food" aisle at Marche Hawaii? Can you load up a pic of this on your phone (if it's the right thing) and show it to the staff?

        1. Thank you. I was sure they sold them at marche Hawaii but they just did not understand me. I will go this WE!

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            I had the same problem with them for Tempeh, at the eastern branch on Pie-X. Please note, I'm not saying this to diss hard-working immigrants who don't speak much French or English! Finally I found a staff member who knew what Tempeh was - not always evident for someone who isn't Indonesian or Malaysian! I was pronouncing it fairly well, as I learnt how to use it from Indonesians, at a research institute in Amsterdam.

            kpzoo, I was tempted to buy "fish chips" (already fried, and very cheap) at Marché Hawaï, but was hesitant. Those were from the Philippines.

            I don't have an I-phone, or any portable phone, as I mostly work at home. Someday - I could declare it as a freelancer expense anyway - but I don't want to be wedded to that if I dont have to be - spend far too much of my life on the computer anyway!

            1. re: lagatta

              Use old-school technology; print the picture.

              1. re: EaterBob

                Oh, I thought of that. Though I've never had any problem finding them. They have them even very close by, at Marché Oriental.

            2. re: DowntownJosie

              They also have them ready-fried at Marché Hawai and those are in a different section with all the peanuts and wasabi peas. Not as good as frying them yourself (I had just made a batch before seeing your post). They are kept near the sambal and bumbus, if that's any help. Good luck!