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Nov 28, 2013 11:48 AM

transporting bread pudding today--cook first?

I am making Suzanne Goin's bread pudding from Sunday Suppers at Lucques today and driving to some friends about an 45 min away. It is a different type of bread pudding in that the bread layer is minimal and there forms a custard layer on top. I don't have a lot of experience with custards so I am wondering...can I parbake it and finish baking in their oven? Or if I bake it all the way through will I be able to reheat it decently in the oven or will the custard turn to rubber? Obviously it would be much easier to transport already cooked but I would love to serve it warm--with ice cream of course.

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  1. I would fully bake it and rewarm it very gently before serving. There's no such thing as partially baking a custard.

    You could transport it unbaked if you prefer but there's the possibility of a lot of sloshing and spillage. Plus, when you get to your destination they may not have the oven real estate to devote to a long bake at a low temp. But check with your hostess because if they have dinner and then take a long break before desserts there may be an empty warm oven.

    1. there for sure will be oven space if we put it in after we take out all the dinner fixins. But yes...the shloshing in the car doesn't sound too good. So you don't think it will turn to rubber if we try to reheat it?

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        If you bake it close to when you leave, it won't even have cooled off by the time you reach your destination. Just keep it covered and wrapped in some towels, or in a cooler. When you get there, put it, still covered, into a turned-off oven.

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          Probably too late but I'd put it in a ziplock bag or two and bring the container.