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Nov 28, 2013 10:04 AM

Torta Ahogada (ideally in NoVA)

Sadly, La Mexicana has apparently stopped serving their torta ahogada, which was my favorite item. One time they said they were just out of the right kind of bread, but last time they said they've stopped permanently (or indefinitely, anyway), and now they have a Mexicubano torta. It's good (basically a Mexican style Cubano in the usual torta roll with carnitas instead of roast pork), but just not the same.

So - where else can I get a comparably good torta ahogada? Does anyone know if Tacos al Costalilla serves it?

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  1. Yes, Tacos El Costalilla serves torta ahogada.

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    1. re: Steve

      On the way to drop off a UPS package, I noticed Taco Jalisco had a big neon sign in front saying "TORTA AHOGADA." Anyone tried it? The owner of Costalilla used to work there, so I'm hoping it's pretty decent.

      1. re: monkeyrotica

        I havent tried the TA here, but I have had the tacos - Only OK, they pale in comparison to La Mex or Costalilla...

        1. re: tommyskitchen

          I tried the ceviche when I was there, can't remember the main part of the meal but the ceviche was pretty good.

          1. re: Ziv

            The ceviche at Costalilla is excellent. Since they also do ahogada, I'll probably have to give theirs a try.


    2. Too bad, that was my favorite order there....They have had the other Torta for a while now.....And all the Tortas are on the same bread I thought....

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      1. re: tommyskitchen

        The torta ahogada is not served on a regular bolillo but is supposed to be made with a birote salado so that the crust stays crunchy and does not go soggy in the drenching sauces. I've been served a torta ahogada on a bolillo before, though. But it must be that La Mexicana was making their own birotes salados.

        1. re: luckyfatima

          Last time I was at El Costalillo, they had the special birote salado for the torta ahogada.

          Thanks for clueing me into the proper name for the bread...

      2. Good news- a response from my facebook Inquiry:

        "We will be bringing back the Torta Ahogada on special occasions. Keep checking our FB page for updates "

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        1. re: tommyskitchen

          That is good news. I was down there a month ago and they just said that they didn't make them any more. That is one spicy dish! I went past "forehead sweat" and moved straight into "scalp sweat pouring down the back of my neck"...
          And that is a good thing. I like spicy dishes like this where the heat is really part and parcel of the dish, not simply a cook rolling the Scovilles.

          1. re: Ziv

            I'll make a point of posting on their FB page that we want that ahogada back. Outstanding sandwich.

            1. re: monkeyrotica

              They took a while to answer me, but they do read it!