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Nov 28, 2013 08:00 AM

Ned Help: Philly Guys Weekend in Mid-December !

A group of 15 guys (late 30s / early 40s) heading from NYC to Philly for weekend (Friday - Sunday) for the Army/Navy Game in two weeks (Dec 13-15, 2013) . It's also a bachelor party for one of the guys.

Need help with restaurants and things to do:

Restaurants Criteria
a) No chains
b) Prefer no steakhouses and no seafood restaurants
c) High quality food is a must (groom is a "foodie")
d) Memorable restaurant would be a plus
e) Although we are bringing "foodies" it doesn't have to be fine dining restaurant

Things to Do Criteria:
a) Will be staying downtown in Logan Square area
b) Will have a car
c) Army/Navy game is Saturday afternoon at 3pm
d) Looking for things to do on Friday night and Saturday morning and Sunday (first half of day)

Please help with ideas and suggestions !!

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  1. For the non-food option, I'm going to this exhibit at the Franklin Institute which is in your neighborhood:
    I would recommend skipping the day ticket since the rest of the museum is more geared for kids.
    There's also the Mutter Museum, which has grotesque and unusual medical artifacts, also in your neighborhood:

    I'm honestly not sure what to recommend for food since you have a large group and you're coming right in the middle of holiday party season with only two weeks to spare, so even special side rooms will be booked. You may need to go at an odd time to get your table.

    I'm leaving this one up to the rest of the chowhounds...

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      Hi Aumallet,
      I just saw this on the webiste of Bistrot La Minette: "We have already booked a number of holiday parties for individuals and businesses, but there are some dates available still. You can enjoy an informal and convivial French Family Dinner in the dining room or our intimate salon seating 20..."

      This might be worth a phone call. It's a Parisian bistro and very tasty.

      It's right off of South Street, which isn't as cool as it once was, but sort of fun for a stroll before or after dinner.

      Good luck!

    2. A few choices most often considered good.
      Zahav - Israeli- highly touted, friendly, busy
      Dandelion - British- upscale pub
      Parc - French Bistro-on Rittenhouse Sq.-people watching
      Amada -Spanish small plates
      The Oyster House - (not Maine but just in case you need it)
      Osteria/Amis - Italian (popular now)
      Tria-3locations-Wine,Beer, Small plates-European feel
      Distrito- Mexican in Universtiy City
      Village Whiskey - arguably -The best burger & frieds
      Barbazzo -assorted small plates -very busy place
      Vegg - you guessed it...great bar, nice venue, interesting food
      Little Nonna's - checkered table cloth Italian-American with excellent versions of standards.
      il pittore - hot spot Italian-new and busy
      many other of note just check this board.

      With a group your size you need reservations. What to do, well the suggestion of the Mutter is surely one you will not forget. All the other major attractions here range from historic sites and museums to world class art in four major locations all in Center City. Others here can do a better job than I for bachelor party sites. Good Luck!

      1. With this kind of advance notice you could probably get a table at Modo Mio. I have seen big groups there. Noisy but excellent food. BYOB. Also, now that David Ansill is there, Bar Ferdinand is turning out fit for a foodie dishes. Both in Northern Liberties.

        1. Saturday morning you might find it fun to explore Reading Terminal Market - lots of interesting bites, a decent place to get a good breakfast or lunch before the game. Nearby Chinatown also has some good eats in large restaurants that might be able to fit your group even on later notice: check out Vietnam Palace (always been a hit with my foodie friends from out of town), Rangoon for Burmese which is a bit unique.

          Pizzeria Vetri is new and not far from your area of the city, if you are in the mood for some upscale pizza.

          Something else unique to check out not far from where you're at is Eastern State Penitentiary. The Winter Adventure Tour is a great way to explore the seriously unique (and spooky) space. There are some decent (if not spectacular) places to have brunch near there, so it might not be a bad Sunday pick during the day.

          1. I'd add Brauhaus Schmitz to the list for dinner spots that might be able to accomodate your group. Great German food and beer.

            If you want old school Italian, Dante & Luigi's is a bigger place (although cash only) and I've had a few great meals there.

            For Sunday brunch, I would suggest Amis, one of Vetri's places. It's usually empty and the food is fantastic.

            Just south of where you're staying is the Rittenhouse Square area, lots of good food and nightlife. Franklin Mortgage is a great place for a cocktail, but better in smaller groups. DiBruno Brothers on Chestnut is a good market for gourmet food and snacks.