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Nov 28, 2013 02:10 AM

Cooking turkey & prime rib!

I have a turkey & prime rib that takes the same time to cook, but only one oven! Which one should I cook first? And how would I reheat for dinner? Thanks so much!

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  1. For sure, you don't want to reheat a primerib. You just want to have enough time to let it rest 20 minutes or so before carving. So,... but, there is one other way to do this.
    You are having a lot of folks coming. Is there a neighbor who might not have Thanksgiving feast at all unless you invite her/him, with proviso you could use their oven for the turkey? Come to think of it, that doesn't sound that practical...

    So, plan on cooking that turkey the day before. That gives you time to carve said turkey neatly into dark and light meat,
    refrigerated separately. Set wings and drumsticks aside for those who favor them. Make gravy from the defatted drippings of the turkey. Reheat slowly in two different saucepans, with some gravy added, at the last minute.

    Serve proudly, with wings on the side of the white meat and drumsticks on the platter with the dark meat. Voila!

    I have ducked the whole idea of how you manage the stuffing, but obviously if you make it inside the bird, you would want to scoop it out, chill, and maybe reheat in sealed foil packets at the last minute.

    Next year consider having barbecued brisket or pot roast that
    doesn't need to be made ahead, and you could have a whole
    turkey... Our family alone has two folks who really don't like
    turkey, so yours is a good idea. I was married over 30 years before I learned my husband just doesn't eat turkey...

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      Cook turkey first, wrap in foil and towels and place inside a cooler to trap the heat in. I use this trick when smoking a pork butt and have held for four hours and it was still steaming hot. If that sounds too awkward with a turkey you could let it cool, carve it, reheat the slices by dipping them in hot chicken broth. That should help it stay moist.

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