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Nov 27, 2013 10:28 PM

Shin-san of Nobu died

For those Ch'ers that have been on the sushi scene for many years, a sushi chef that has been a top sushi chef since the early 80's died the other day. Shin Tsujimura I first met at Hatsuhana. He later moved to Nobu , Nobu Next Door and lastly Nobu 57. He was a great sushi chef, and a fun guy. Many sushi chefs were at his funeral. For those that didn't know his name , he was the Big sushi chef at Nobu and Hatsuhana.
May he rest in peace.

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  1. Nice post on a man dedicated to his craft. He sounded like a great person - not just a great chef.

    You probably read it, but for others who might not have, TV personality Andrew Zimmern also wrote a nice post about him. Apparently he was a regular at Nobu57 and went straight to sit by Shin-san every time he was in NYC.

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      Thanks for the link to the Andrew Zimmern post. Very nice remembrance of him, I hadn't seen that before. Zimmern is incorrect however in the "short stay" comment about Shin working at Hatsuhana , NYC. He actually worked for a short stay at Hatsuhana Park Ave. but worked for quite some time at 48th St. Hatsuhana. When he moved from Nobu Tribeca to Nobu next Door, he was the head chef there and it was better than the "flagship" Nobu. Some of my friends were very close to him. Back in the 80's I ate sushi with him at a sushi spot he frequented on his day off. He was a good man.