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Nov 27, 2013 10:23 PM

Where to eat in Graz? Klosterneuburg? Vienna?

I'll be spending a week in Graz, Austria. I love wild game, I love schnitzel, I love pastries. Any recommendations? I will also be spending a day in Klosterneuburg, and one in Vienna.

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  1. Graz is easy. First you visit Santa Clara, an understated top class version of an osteria, serving a very limited range of dishes. The one place in Graz where you will find good fish. Make sure to book in advance so you can avoid the smoking section.
    Secondly you go to Der Steier, which does good local cuisine. Service can be robotic, but food is mostly great.
    For Vienna, just scan this discussion board where you will find many up to date reports. Most recommendations on this board I do not agree with: they favor the cooked meat with starch and zero veg cooking Viennese like.

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      Thanks. I didn't see your reply until after I returned home, hbink, but thankfully Der Steirer was my hotel restaurant, (I was staying at Der Weitzer in Graz) and every meal I had there was delicious. The great 'house beer' made it even better. I missed Santa Clara but I had so many good meals I can't complain. I also went to the Krebs Kellar (or something like that) which didn't serve Krebs but did have great schnitzel.