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Nov 27, 2013 09:22 PM


Any in house cured from Northampton to Hartford?

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  1. In Ludlow, MA. JR Butcher show. Local Portugese meat shop does there own.

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      Thanks. From the limited web site it may be worth the ride. Does anyone there speak English? In west springfield I find it much easier going with a Russian speaking friend when I go to the market there . Thanks

      1. re: sakeandgin

        There are English speaking people that work there. Just an FYI, the street parking can get a bit hairy on the weekend. Narrow street, fast drivers can ruin your day. Hope you find what you want. I would also recommend the bakery next to the meat market. Some very good authentic Portuguese baked goods along with the usual bakery items. Don't remember the name of them, but there are these little custard cups in pastry dough on the right as you walk in. You must try them.