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Great soups...high end to low end

Cold weather has me craving soup...what's new with any great soups? Non Asian preferred..those soups are a totally new discussion..I'm looking for amazing soup high end to low end.
Lately my favourites have been United Bakers split pea and Epic's mushroom bisque..Zoe's had a pretty good barley tomato lately too...

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  1. Sobeys has a great line of fresh made soups made
    in Toronto. There are two company's that make the soups.
    One I believe is called (Soups on) they are in quart jars like that is used for pickling at home and they are excellent.
    They are in one of the refrigerated sections.

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      If you're prepared to put in minimal effort and make soup at home, there's a good line of dry packaged soups put out by The Bean Ladies, from Brampton, Ont. Simple directions, having to do mainly with adding water. I'm partial to their lentil soup - which outclasses the lentil soup served in most Middle East restaurants around Toronto - though the pea soup is also mighty tasty. A $6 package of ingredients makes about eight bowls. I get mine at Pusateri's on Avenue Rd., though I'm sure they're available elsewhere around town (where it's probably cheaper).

    2. Ravisoups! (though some soups have some Asian influence)

      Yitz's chicken in a pot, take-home jar (though hella pricey it's worth it).

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        Yes, Ravi's corn/crab chowder is my all time favorite in the city.
        Rodney's Lobster Bisque.
        The Chase's Summer Chowder.
        Marben had a fiddlehead gazpacho poured over scallop ceviche - it was quite grand.

        Any "mug" of the day from Hibiscus
        Any special from Cafune
        The Grilled Cheese's tomato bisque

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          I third Ravi's. Agree with Happycamper the corn & crab chowder is delicious. My go to is the chicken hot pot - but that's is thai-influenced.

        2. Don't sleep on the soup of the day at Porchetta & Co. Whatever it is, get it, Nick makes some of the best bowls in the city.

          1. I love United soups also!!

            Cafe Doria always has a great soup of the day - all of them!

            Be careful with some of the grocery store jarred soups - have you ever noticed the sodium content? Some are off the rails!!

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                  if you are asking my favourites at Sobies !
                  From soups on the Broccoli and potato is my favorite.

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                    For me the West African Peanut Chicken or the Beef Stroganoff.

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                      +1 African Peanut chicken. I crave it fortnightly.

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                        OK I have to get down there earlier before they are out of everything and check this place out. I think I had unfairly them lumped in with the other PATH soup places which are just ho-hum or maybe even doctored Campbell's food service.
                        Also in the PATH @FCP - the (vegetarian) soups at Naturally Yours are pretty good. Taste like home cooking. I just don't get them often because $3-4 for what is essentially veggies and water is a bit much, plus it doesn't make a meal so I still have to forage something else up.
                        Maxim's upstairs has decent soups as well, and they're cheaper after 2pm.

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                      I like the Hungarian goulash but it only shows up on the menu about once a week. Nice hearty soup.

                  2. Agree on Porchetta & Co's soups.

                    Love the soups at Sanagans. Can really tell they start off with a good stock (helps having access to leftover meat and bones).

                    I just tried the newish Saffron Spice Kitchen on Queen. Really good mulligatawny. Apparently the owner is the nephew of Esther, from Esther's Soup Kitchen.

                    And the Clubhouse Sandwich Shop guy has been coming up with really interesting soups.

                    1. The chowders at Starfish are good.

                      Goulash soup at Europe. Sadly, I was underwhelmed by my bowl of goulash soup at the Coffee Mill last week. I have been a customer for over 16 years, and it used to be one of my favourite soups in Toronto. The soup seemed watered down and kind of bland. It seems to be missing the Je ne sais quoi Hungarian-raised chefs would be adding to their goulash.

                      I like Sunflower Kitchen's Harira and Borscht (refrigerated soups in glass jars). Available at Whole Foods, some No Frills locations and some What A Bagels locations.

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                        I also found the goulash soup at The Coffee Mill kinda lame when I ordered it a few weeks ago. Something's missing from that once-flavourful bowl. A few other dishes that night also weren't up to much. Not bad, mind you, just merely acceptable. The Coffee Mill used to be much more than acceptable. I hope that, after all these years of bold flavours - and offering the best value in Yorkville - the joint isn't running out of steam.

                      2. I serve a Steak and Cheese French Onion soup here ever so often, incredibly popular!

                        1. Check the daily soups at Paprika or Europe on Bathurst above Lawrence.

                          Look for:

                          "Husleves", rich Hungarian beef broth made with shank, and root vegetables garnished with egg noodles and on special days liver dumplings;

                          Dry Bean Soup - a creamy soup with smoked pork hock, red kidney beans and chunks of gelatinous pork,

                          Lentil, bean or potato soup should also be available at these restaurants.

                          I know that the dry bean soup is available at Blue Danube. They are also worth a look on a day to see what's on in terms of soup.

                          1. I'm a big fan of the roasted cauliflower soup from The Butcher's Son. I also had a really good soup from Longo's a few weeks ago - trying to remember what it was - loved that the chick peas were on the undercooked side. Lentil soup from Tabule. Soup weather has come early this year.

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                              I gotta say that for grocery store soup, the Thai something or other at Longo's is pretty good... I think I got it based on a chowhound rec from another thread.

                            2. The black bean soup at Tacos el Asador on Bloor. Can't go wrong for five bucks!

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                                Don't miss the pozole soup at Tacos el Asador - soooo good.

                              2. Any rec'd for Manhattan chowders for those of us that are lactose intolerant in the GTA ?

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                                  From my memory, Rodney's oyster house has this and it isn't bad. The first time I had it, it was great . Lots of good pieces of clams, vibrant flavour, and the tomato base had a pleasant sweet but light acidity to balance. The second time didn't fare as well. It was a touch under seasoned and had less clams. Supposedly, my friend has had it again at The Bay st location and it's just as good as the first time

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                                    I love the one at The One That Got Away on King

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                                      The Fish Store (http://www.yelp.ca/biz/the-fish-store...


                                      passed by a few times in the summer and tried the manhattan clam chowder. i haven't tasted it before so i have no point of comparison but i thought it was good.

                                      they have a pretty decent patio in the summer and zero seating inside...so i'd imagine it to be purely takeout in the winter months?

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                                        There's about 2 or 3 seats inside..... at least when I was last there.

                                    2. Love the split pea and ham soup from Emma's Country Kitchen (it's also dairyfree)


                                      1. hard to do better than United Bakers( my personal favourite) but the parking lot is like demolition derby and the pedestrians will walk right in front of your car without a care in the world...almost like "I dare you to run over me"...New Yorker Deli on Bay Street across from Manulife Centre makes excellent Cabbage Borscht.but have never had any other kind of soup so can't vouch for others...

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                                          I too consider United Bakers pea soup as the best. I also hate the parking situation and would like to hear of a place that makes pea soup that is nearly as good. I understand that there is a recipe on the internet that is billed as very similar. My former favourite was the borscht at the Bagel at College and Spadina--now long gone. Sorry to hear that the Goulash soup at the Coffee Mill is now under a cloud. It was a highlight of my infrequent trips to Yorkville 15-20 years ago.

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                                            forgot about the Dirty Bagel.....and all this time I thought it was etched in my brain! When we ate there I think I only ate two things, Blintzes / Lung & Liver(!!) .. Love Mushroom Barley at United Bakers as well...

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                                            I agree, the cabbage borscht at New Yorker Deli is good.

                                          3. In Liberty Village there is a great little spot that does a range of good soups and chili (some of them vegan) very well. It's called Liberty Village Market & Cafe and it's at 65 Jefferson Avenue. Decent sandwiches also...

                                            1. I mentioned this elsewhere... Richmond Sandwich Box. Daily soups updated on the website. So far I really like the chicken/quinoa/cilantro and the curry cauliflower. The ones I've tried have all been pretty substantial, either pureed veg style or bulky from the quinoa. Ie, not just broth and a few chunks. It comes with bread and there are self-serve croutons and even edamame (?), so you can actually make a light meal out of the small 3.99 soup, IMO. There is always one vegan/veg option and they also specify GF, meat, dairy etc.

                                              1. Richmond Station's soups are great. Nice cream of mushroom on the menu now.

                                                Has anyone tried the French Onion soup at La Croisee?

                                                1. Generous bowl of avgolemono soup available at Kalyvia for $4.95. The portion is probably around 1.5 cups. Thinner version than the type of avgolemono I like best, but lemony, with a fair amount of rice. The version at Volos and Pan are next on my list.

                                                  1. I liked the Thai Curried Lentil that was one of the 4 daily soups at Hazelton Lanes' Whole Foods' hot table today. $4.99 for a small, $5.99 for a medium, $6.99 for a large.