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Nov 27, 2013 08:34 PM

Great soups...high end to low end

Cold weather has me craving soup...what's new with any great soups? Non Asian preferred..those soups are a totally new discussion..I'm looking for amazing soup high end to low end.
Lately my favourites have been United Bakers split pea and Epic's mushroom bisque..Zoe's had a pretty good barley tomato lately too...

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  1. Sobeys has a great line of fresh made soups made
    in Toronto. There are two company's that make the soups.
    One I believe is called (Soups on) they are in quart jars like that is used for pickling at home and they are excellent.
    They are in one of the refrigerated sections.

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      If you're prepared to put in minimal effort and make soup at home, there's a good line of dry packaged soups put out by The Bean Ladies, from Brampton, Ont. Simple directions, having to do mainly with adding water. I'm partial to their lentil soup - which outclasses the lentil soup served in most Middle East restaurants around Toronto - though the pea soup is also mighty tasty. A $6 package of ingredients makes about eight bowls. I get mine at Pusateri's on Avenue Rd., though I'm sure they're available elsewhere around town (where it's probably cheaper).

    2. Ravisoups! (though some soups have some Asian influence)

      Yitz's chicken in a pot, take-home jar (though hella pricey it's worth it).

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        Yes, Ravi's corn/crab chowder is my all time favorite in the city.
        Rodney's Lobster Bisque.
        The Chase's Summer Chowder.
        Marben had a fiddlehead gazpacho poured over scallop ceviche - it was quite grand.

        Any "mug" of the day from Hibiscus
        Any special from Cafune
        The Grilled Cheese's tomato bisque

        1. re: magic

          I third Ravi's. Agree with Happycamper the corn & crab chowder is delicious. My go to is the chicken hot pot - but that's is thai-influenced.

        2. Don't sleep on the soup of the day at Porchetta & Co. Whatever it is, get it, Nick makes some of the best bowls in the city.

          1. I love United soups also!!

            Cafe Doria always has a great soup of the day - all of them!

            Be careful with some of the grocery store jarred soups - have you ever noticed the sodium content? Some are off the rails!!

                1. re: julesrules

                  if you are asking my favourites at Sobies !
                  From soups on the Broccoli and potato is my favorite.

                  1. re: julesrules

                    For me the West African Peanut Chicken or the Beef Stroganoff.

                    1. re: sbug206

                      +1 African Peanut chicken. I crave it fortnightly.

                      1. re: catherine88

                        OK I have to get down there earlier before they are out of everything and check this place out. I think I had unfairly them lumped in with the other PATH soup places which are just ho-hum or maybe even doctored Campbell's food service.
                        Also in the PATH @FCP - the (vegetarian) soups at Naturally Yours are pretty good. Taste like home cooking. I just don't get them often because $3-4 for what is essentially veggies and water is a bit much, plus it doesn't make a meal so I still have to forage something else up.
                        Maxim's upstairs has decent soups as well, and they're cheaper after 2pm.

                    2. re: julesrules

                      I like the Hungarian goulash but it only shows up on the menu about once a week. Nice hearty soup.