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Not bad Thai - Joyce St

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  • Philx Nov 27, 2013 03:53 PM
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Recently stopped in at Thai Escape which is near the latin bakery on Joyce. We just had two dishes but they were pretty good - pad thai and red curry. Of the two, I preferred the pad thai which had a nice tamarind kick to it and also came with a slice of lime. The curry was ok but nothing special. The woman manning the stove appeared to be Thai so I would not mind stopping by again. Probably not worth a major hike but if you are in the area, you could do worse.

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  1. Hmm, is this a new resto ? Beside Panaderia ?



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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Hi Lotusrapper:

      I am not sure how long it has been open but it certainly looked new; only about 4-5 tables and lots of pictures of Thailand. Just a few steps north of the bakery; there is also some kind of Indian food place in the same block but I have never looked in it.

      1. re: Philx

        It's been around for about a month and a half. Tiny place as Philx says, and the food comes out really quick. I hope it survives because this spot (right beside Panaderia) has been changing often. I really enjoy the pad thai, although I miss Moe Moe's next door at Joyce Market, and the always perfectly crisp spring rolls. Tried their stuffed chicken wings too. Their larb had a lot of heat. Curries are just alright, but glad to have a Thai option in the 'hood now. No Isaan style though as I still think about Benjarong on Broadway.

        1. re: el_lobo_solo

          So, els, is there anything cooking-wise happening at Joyceway if Moe Moe's is gone?

          Benjarong needs a revisit for the specialties. We've been a few times and just ordered off the regular menu.

          1. re: grayelf

            Moe Moe's still there on the weeekends, but if you're making a trip out here, I'd definitely call ahead just to make sure.

            1. re: el_lobo_solo

              Good to know. I still need to try the Burmese place out on Victoria -- saw it the other day on our way to Kalvin's.

              1. re: grayelf

                So you saw the space vacated by Calabria, then ?

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  I walked by it after getting takeout from Amay's. It's completely empty inside. Haunting and sad. But there were signs saying they're moving to Port Moody, so good for them.

    2. Speaking of that area, anyone give Bo a visit recently?

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      1. re: flowbee

        He's no longer at Joyce Market.

        1. re: el_lobo_solo

          Think he sold his place on E Hastings as well; someone thought he was cooking at the east side Jethro's Fine Grub; not sure if that was confirmed

          1. re: Philx

            Current iteration of BLK seems to be doing ok:


            1. re: Philx

              That was me, and I consider it confirmed since Bo told me himself in the parking lot outside Ba Le :-).

              1. re: grayelf

                What goes on in the parking lot outside Ba Le stays in the parking lot outside Ba Le :-D