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Thank you, Chowhound!

I am so grateful for all the thousands of Chowhounders out there who help make my life easier, help me understand the art and science of cooking better, and who always have another great idea I would never think of. And thanks to Chowhound for providing this forum for all of us.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!

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  1. I too am very, very thankful for Chowhound and all the wonderful helpful Chowhounders from whom I have learned so much. You all inspire me! Happy Thanksgiving!

        1. I couldn't agree more!

          Happy Thanksgiving, Chowhounders!

          1. Me too. There is always someone or (many someones) on here that knows just the right tip for my cooking and baking questions. So grateful for all who share their ideas and knowledge and experience here!

              1. Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

                1. *Raising a glass to all of you*

                  Thank you and Happy Holidays.

                  1. My life is richer and my waistband is wider thanks to Chowhounds everywhere! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

                    1. No matter how crazy or obscure the question, there is always a Hound with an answer. Thank you all - I appreciate your collective wisdom.

                      1. I get it. I found this site by chance and my first cooking "experiment" was made great by these people.