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Nov 27, 2013 03:07 PM

Not-so-sweet clementines

I bought a crate of clementines so I could make Nigella's cake for Thanksgiving, and, incidentally, to eat.
I did make the cake, and it is "citrusy" but fine. However, the raw clementines are pretty sour. Other than Nigella's cake, how can I use up the crate? I'm not really enjoying eating them, and don't want to throw out what's left in the crate.
Thanks for any suggestions

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  1. You could make a nice marmalade.

    1. Clementine chicken from Jerusalem cookbook

      1. Dip them in dk chocolate for a dessert.
        Simmer with some oj, thyme, black pepper and use as a sauce or marinade if you blitz it

        1. Orange, er, I mean clementine juice? Spike it with some honey.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            Or simple syrup.

            Speaking of simple syrup, you could make a clementine granita. Juice+sugar+water (+booze if you want).

            Would be a nice change this time of year, what with all the heavier desserts.

          2. I used to have the same problem. If you leave the clementines out on the counter for a few days they should get sweeter. Just did this last week actually =)

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            1. re: Lilybakes1

              Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lilybakes.
              I actually did take the clementines out of the crate as soon as I read your suggestion (last week), and they are infinitely sweeter and juicier. I can't belive such a simple remedy makes such a huge difference.I've been eating sweeter, juicy clementines since.
              Again, thank you so much, and you just added to my ever-expanding list of why I love CH.

              1. re: bxgirl

                Of course! I remember before I learned that trick how disappointing that is..haha. Glad I could help!! =) Happy Holidays!