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Not-so-sweet clementines

I bought a crate of clementines so I could make Nigella's cake for Thanksgiving, and, incidentally, to eat.
I did make the cake, and it is "citrusy" but fine. However, the raw clementines are pretty sour. Other than Nigella's cake, how can I use up the crate? I'm not really enjoying eating them, and don't want to throw out what's left in the crate.
Thanks for any suggestions

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  1. You could make a nice marmalade.

    1. Clementine chicken from Jerusalem cookbook

      1. Dip them in dk chocolate for a dessert.
        Simmer with some oj, thyme, black pepper and use as a sauce or marinade if you blitz it

        1. Orange, er, I mean clementine juice? Spike it with some honey.

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            Or simple syrup.

            Speaking of simple syrup, you could make a clementine granita. Juice+sugar+water (+booze if you want).

            Would be a nice change this time of year, what with all the heavier desserts.

          2. I used to have the same problem. If you leave the clementines out on the counter for a few days they should get sweeter. Just did this last week actually =)

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              Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lilybakes.
              I actually did take the clementines out of the crate as soon as I read your suggestion (last week), and they are infinitely sweeter and juicier. I can't belive such a simple remedy makes such a huge difference.I've been eating sweeter, juicy clementines since.
              Again, thank you so much, and you just added to my ever-expanding list of why I love CH.

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                Of course! I remember before I learned that trick how disappointing that is..haha. Glad I could help!! =) Happy Holidays!

            2. Clementine tart. Cut them very thin

              1. Saw this on a Japanese TV show, but they recommended putting tart clementines in the bath! The slightly above body temp temperature cooks them and converts the tart to something else so all you taste is the sweet. They did quite the science segment on it. Might try soaking one at 42C or 100F for an hour and see what happens. May wind up like canned mandarin oranges.