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Nov 27, 2013 12:55 PM

easy-going post-feast dinner tomorrow?

Greetings, Philadelphia chowhounds. The family decided to do Thanksgiving away from home this year: we're visiting Philly (from NJ) and having Peking duck (etc.--at Sang Kee Duck House) for mid-day feast. But then what to do when the hunger returns in the evening? Are there pizzerias that are open, for example? Or other places where a moderate (in size and price) meal might be had? I'm seeing possibilities for fancier prix-fixe dinners in discussions on this board, but no leads on something more modest--and likely to have tables for 4. Other Asian cuisines? Or anything else. We are emphatically omnivorous.

This thread, active today, , seems to pose a similar question but not for Philly. We're staying near Logan Sq. and have a car.

Thanks so much for any ideas!

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  1. South philly taproom will be open, it's a great gastropub. You'd want to cab it or drive though. Closer to Logan circle, kite and key will be open too.

    Other Asian cuisine places that may be open and worth checking out are Rangoon for Burmese and Le Viet and Nam Phoung for Vietnamese.

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      Thanks so much for suggestions! Chowhound is the greatest. Rangoon, which I remember liking on a previous visit, is alas closed, as is Le Viet. The other three you suggest are all open! I suspect we'll go for Nam Phuong...

      Best thanksgiving wishes!

    2. I'm pretty sure Devil's Den is also open tomorrow. It might also be an option for you.

      Wherever you land, hope you have a great holiday. And eat some duck for me. Love Sang Kee...