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Nov 27, 2013 12:51 PM

South Pasadena for lunch

My son has an AYSO tournament coming up, and I'm looking for places to eat during this Friday/Saturday event.

It obviously has to be child friendly.

I was thinking about trying Settebello in Pasadena, as I've never been.

Any other suggestions, particularly in South Pasadena.

I'm not crazy about Pie n' Burger, FYI.


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  1. Fiori Cafe on fremont has great sandwiches (house made breads) and salads and nice patio with garden. If you venture north to pasadena for pizza, Trattoria Neopolis should also be on your radar as it has very good neopolitan style pizza and broader restaurant menu than Settebello.

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    1. The pizza at Luggage Room Pizzeria is solid.

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        1. As someone who lives in SP,let me be the first to say: I wouldn't recommend much that's actually *in* town unless you feel like overpaying 20-30% for just "ok" food.

          That said, as the father of an 8 year old (also in AYSO, as it were), if you really want some place in town, Gus's BBQ has a good kids menu and the food there is decent (beats Canoe House across the street). Senor Fish is fine for Mexican (but nothing to write home about).

          Luggage Room (though not in SP) is a good call. Fiore is fine but it's more exciting for parents than kids.