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Nov 27, 2013 12:46 PM

4 adults, 4 kids, early dinner on friday

I've got a party of 8 for an early dinner on Friday. Kids are all under ten. A well-behaved, not very picky group who has eaten out at nice places many times. However, it's a big group of kids all in one place, so it might be a handful. Suggestions? Somewhere downtown, convenient to the subway, would be best. One kid has a dairy allergy. The adults want to catch up, so nowhere that would rush us out. Any help would be great. Thanks...

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  1. Maybe Strada 241 on Spadina. I think it fits all of your requirements but the walk to the university subway line is about 15 mins.

    1. How about Stack - about a 5 minute walk north from the NORTH exit at Lawrence.
      Downstairs it's booths, but I think upstairs they have tables (for at least 6 - obviously need to check with them).

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        Pizza Libretto on the Danforth is always a hit

      2. I always recommend it with kids, but yeah - Le Select Bistro is amazing for that sort of group. Kids menu and everything. Loads of great wine for the grownups.

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          I was going to recommend Le Select too. Food is good and they have lots of space for larger groups. Similar idea nearby, but smaller is Jules Bistro at Queen & Spadina.

          Not sure how wide an area you include in downtown, but one of the Terroni locations might be an idea too.

        2. A little less formal and "adult" a feeling than le Select is Paganellis (formerly Romagna Mia) right at Jarvis and Front. The wait staff are very sympa to kids, and will do a simple pasta if the tagiatelli or lasagne doesn't suit. More advanced foods will suit adult tastes. Great wine list, friendly service for all, big space including a back room, usually unused, where kids could wander - and reasonable prices. Eric the manager/owner is a great guy. Highly recommend.

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            Chinese is easier for a dairy allergy than Italian, and most Chinese restaurants are child friendly and used to family groups. My favourites are either hoity-toity tablecloths in the distant suburbs, or down-and-dirty formica holes, but if your crowd is interested in Chinese, there are lots from which to choose in the middle. Perhaps someone else can suggest?