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Nov 27, 2013 12:24 PM

CHristmas Dining in Manhattan for extended family of 6 from Australia

Hi, We are staying in NYC for 8 days and are keen to know what is recommended on CHristmas Day. I have been researching restaurants and all the iconic ones are either very busy or dont get great feedback for this particular day (due to crowds).
We are a family of 4 + 2 grandparents (lively 70s) and are just looking for either a lunch or dinner to celebrate the special day.
Our children - boys, 11 and 16 wont like food that is too out there but none the less we are looking for a special festive meal.
Staying at the Kimberley Hotel. BTW my husband would love to know where to get good coffee - lattes, etc not the big cups of black coffee that seems to be so prevalent in the US. Thank you so much in advance.\
Our family is so looking forward to visiting your city.

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  1. Try Carmines. Either of 2 locations. Ideal for large parties. Italian food served family style. Friendly staff, reasonable prices. Menu offers something for everybody.

    1. Jake thank you,,,any suggestions for a traditional Christmas fare (we have a similar menu to your Thanksgiving for Christmas Day), so a roast turkey, ham, lamb..

      1. the best coffees in New York right now are Stumptown, Blue Bottle, Ninth Street Espresso, Intelligentsia, La Colombe, and Joe (21st Street location).

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          +1 to these recommendations

          Also see midtown coffee recs here for closer to your hotel:

        2. This article from 2012 is a good indication of who will also be open this year, also check with, they will have a special christmas page for reservations.

          Balthazar would be a great choice, and this list includes some great fine dining options as well:

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            Love the holidays at Balthazar!

            Call Balthazar ASAP, they book 30 days in advance.