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Nov 27, 2013 11:36 AM

Another Birthday Dinner...

Hi, all. It's that time of year again, and I can't decide where to go for my birthday dinner. I need suggestions.

I don't favor new or trendy for newness' or trendiness' sake. Nor do I think there's a huge intrinsic appeal to artfully-plated small plates, counter-intuitive preps, or high prices. I just want great food, relaxed atmosphere, no pretense, and good service.

By way of example of what I like, I really find Salvatore's and Cafe Munir soul-satisfying experiences. But it really can be any cuisine.

All suggestions welcome.


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  1. I always enjoy Salvatore too. The long time waitstaff and the fact that the owner is often in the kitchen and now his daughter (granddaughter?) is working the front make it very comfortable. That said for at least twice the price Cafe Juanita is good for a splurgy celebration but I can't walk home as I can from Salvatore.

    1. I think you should mount an expeditionary force to Loulay and report back with your findings. Assuming it's open in time for your celebration.

      1. I had a wonderful meal at MKT a few weeks back.

        1. Regardless of destination or date, Happy B-Day, Kaleo!

          1. What about Nell's? It is absolutely unpretentious, great atmosphere, food, and service. Not the bargain that Salvatore's is but still worth the price on a special occasion. Happy birthday!