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Nov 27, 2013 09:39 AM

game meat in portland or salem?

anyone have suggestions on where to potentially buy some?

i'm visiting family this long weekend and would like to do some cooking.

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  1. has all kinds of critter bits.

    Or go big and order from - they have a $100 minimum, but you can just call in your order and pick it up.

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      1. re: DanielLP

        awesome, thanks.

        would you say these are also the two best places to get foie gras and/or mushrooms / truffles?

        or is there a better source for these?

        1. re: Dustin_E

          Nickys has a couple kinds of Foie. Mushrooms - nope.

          But Sheridans may in the produce section. Truffles are usually out next month~ish I believe.

          1. re: DanielLP

            I think that NickyUSA supplies Sheridan's. NickyUSA is a local game/meat farm and distributor. But if you get it from Sheridan's or elsewhere, there is no minimum.

            Other places for foie: Laurelhurst Market on the east side and Chop on the west (the butchery inside City Market).

            Farmers' Market mushroom vendors for truffles in season (soon, but not yet, as Daniel mentions above), best selection at the biggest market - PSU on Sat. mornings.

      2. Fitt's Seafood in Salem often carries game. Worth a call.