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Nov 27, 2013 08:13 AM

Beyond Meat - Now Kosher but...

I have been reading a lot about Beyond Meat which is backed by two of the Twitter co-founders. They received their hasgacha a few months ago from the Star K, and my local Whole Foods finally got some of the new packages with the Star K. Tried it in a vegetarian chicken parmesan, and it was pretty damn gross.

I had high hopes for it based on the press coverage, Mark Bittman said "as an ingredient we’d all be hard-pressed to distinguish it from most of the animal-based models."

Anyone else try it and had better luck?

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  1. Funny . . . I just saw this for the first time this evening at Fairway, and bought some. I'm sorry to hear your review, but I'll be giving it a shot sometime soon. I think I'll try it in an Asian-style stir-fry, and report back. Might not be for a week or so, though, because there will be lots of days of turkey leftovers.

    1. I've used it, and sometimes it was great, and sometimes not so much. It all depends on the preparation. I've put in salads with strong dressing, in quesadillas, on pasta with a sun-dried tomato sauce, and in a crock-pot black bean and quinoa stew. All those worked well, because the chicken was only one part of the recipe and absorbed other dominant flavors. I also tried it in a more simple olive-oil and herb pasta recipe, and it was not good at all. Also, not sure if you cut the pieces. I shred them, so they are thin flaked pieces instead of chunks. It makes a big difference.

      1. I got the southwestern style strips. They were pretty tasty with good texture but on the dry side.

        1. Still lots of non-certified packages out there; one has to search to find the certified ones.

          1. We've been waiting for the certified packages here in Berkeley. As to your experience, are you accustomed to using vegan meat substitutes? If not, a little experimentation and learning may change your mind about this product. i've been vegan for years married to a meat eater. We always serve a meat and a vegan alternative to our guests on Friday. Guests usually want to try the vegan alternative. Over the years this has helped me learn what works and how. I make my own seitan. This Shabbat I made a killer vegan/chicken Kiev. I couldn't have done that years ago when i didn't know which kind of seitan would hold up to the recipe. Also if you aren't used to meat substitutes, your expectations may not match what can be accomplished.