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Nov 27, 2013 06:45 AM

Large piece of top sirloin - what else besides grill?

I just pulled a 3 lb. sirloin steak out of the freezer because it really needs to get used. It's a slab, about 1-1/2 inch thick, so not really a roast. What else could I do with it besides just throwing it on the grill? Would it lend itself to any kind of braise? I just don't feel like grilled steak on this snowy day.

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  1. You could just sear it and then finish in the oven... not really a braise but a roast basically.

    1. If it's a decent grade, I like using this cut for stroganoff. However, 3 lbs is probably more stroganoff than you're interested in.

      1. I wouldn't be likely to braise it, b/c I would find it a bit on the lean/not-enough-flavour side. You could do as juliejulez says, then slice thin and use in a sandwich with melted cheese/hot gravy. Or slice thin and toss in a stir-fry, spicy asian noodle soup, or use in a fajita.

        1. Once in a while growing up my mom would cut it in 1.5" cubes and marinate the top sirloin. After a few hours she would place it in flour and fry it. Not the healthiest, but you'd be surprised how much meat disappears when it has a nice crusty fried coating on it.

          1. Hmm. I would slice across grain on the bias to create 1/2" thick slices then pound them into 1/4" scallopines and turn them into chicken fried steak..