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Nov 27, 2013 06:32 AM

DeLorenzo's-Sloan Ave.

DH and I went to the new Sloan Ave. location (the relocated Hamilton Ave. shop) last night. They took the old booths and photos with them, but the place lacks charm (for lack of a better word). And I forgot how uncomfortable those old booths are. But who cares, we're here for the pie!
We had a special pie, red with eggplant and ricotta and a white pie with spinach. Really enjoyed both, they were totally different flavors. The red was sweet (kind of like eating eggplant rollatini on a crust) and the white was salty and garlicky (fresh spinach). Crust blistered and well done.
They were doing brisk take out business, but I believe this isn't the kind of pie that you want to box up, steam, and lose the crunch of the crust.
I hadn't been to Hamilton Ave in several years, so I can't opine on whether the taste is the same. But it's a good pie!

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  1. This DeLo's used to be a branch of the Bob Evans Restaurant chain. It closed, suddenly (and without warning) a few years ago and then sat empty for some time. As far as I can tell, DeLo's did litle to change the "ambience". It remains what it was, physically, a fairly impersonal room, interchangable with thousands of other such places (which, I believe, is the intent of most franchised eateries).
    I agree that these pies are much better eaten on site, as soon as they leave the oven. In my experience, they don't travel that well (I thought the same was true when this place was on Hamilton Avenue).

    But, then, I may be an apostate. I prefer PaPas (now in a nice old/new building in Robinsville)-either on site, or brought home.