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Nov 27, 2013 01:15 AM

Local Food Items You Really, Really Like (SE Mich)

I'll start...

Kremes from Hungarian Rhapsody in Southgate
Zeman's flat rectangular onion rolls
Baba ghannouj from Hamido in Dearborn
Chicken shawarma sandwich from Pita Cafe in Oak Park
Stollen from Avalon Bakery
Pain aux Raisins and Double Raisin Pecan bread from Crust in Fenton
Topor's barrel-cured pickles and new dills
Russell Street Deli's Grilled Vegetable and Avocado Melt sandwiches, and gazpacho
Lamb kebabs and crushed lentil soup at Lebanese Grill in Troy
Pho at Pho Nguyen Hoang in Windsor
Deconstructed spring roll plate at Pho Xic Lo in Windsor
Vegetable quesadilla and blueberry lemon bar at the Cafe DIA
The cold soba noodle and sashimi dish at New Seoul Garden in Southfield
Guacamole quesadillas at Xochimilco(!)
Turtles from Sydney Bogg's Sweet Essentials in Berkley
Deep-dish spinach pizza from Pizza Papalis
Sichuan Cold Noodle and Squirrel-Shaped Fish from Trizest in Sterling Hgts
Antipasto salad and pizza from Loui's in Hazel Park
Kimchi fries at Seoul Street in Ann Arbor
Dried cherry and jerky pate from Biercamp in Ann Arbor
Tex-Mex Lentil Burger at Traffic Jam
Guacamole from Honeybee
Samosas from G&G International Grocers in Windsor (sitting in a tray at room temp and just stupid good)
Mushroom crepe from the European Market in Windsor
Eggplant and swiss cheese calzone at the Italian Bakery in Windsor

And yours?

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  1. Corned Beef Hash @ Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor
    Fruit Tarts from The Mother Loaf in Ann Arbor
    Zaatar from New Yasmeen Bakery in Dearborn
    Brownies from Avalon

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    1. re: trapani

      Never heard of Hamido in Dearborn or Mother loaf in Ann Arbor tell me more.

      1. re: momskitchen

        The Mother Loaf is, sadly, on hiatus, This is a one-person show: wonderful artisan breads & tarts. Selling at farmers' markets & Four Seasons Mkt in Dixboro. TML does have a Facebook page--updates to come.

    2. I'm too busy with Thanksgiving prep to fully digest that extensive list, but I'll be coming back to reference it over time. Thanks!
      To this shared list I'll contribute Carncross Sugar Bush's (a maple syrup stand at Eastern Market) naturally fermented sauerkraut.

      1. Better Made Potato Chips
        Faygo Crème Soda
        Crawfish Bisque at Howe's Bayou
        Sliders at Green Dot Stables
        Sliders at While Castle
        Poutine at Brooklyn Street Local
        Corned beef sandwich at Jimmie D's
        Corned beef sandwich at that tiny place on E. Eight Mile
        Lake Perch at Sindbad's
        Lake Perch at Pat O'Briens
        Sub from Bommarito's
        Mushroom Steak and Cheese from Tubby's
        Duk Mandoo Guk (Pork Dumpling Soup) from Hankook Groceries and Restaurant in Clinton TWP
        White Clam Linguine at Villa Restaurant, Eastpointe
        Bacon Cheeseburger ($2.39, or 2 for $4) at Speedway
        Plain bagel shmeered with butter (substitute?) at New York Bagel
        Breakfast Special at Travis
        Detroit Burnt Ends at Little Z's BBQ
        A pound of Mussels at Mike's On The Water (really, I share)
        Bar Burger at Eastland Pub
        Hamburger with charred onions and Zip Sauce at Red Coat Tavern
        Coneys (two, or three) at Lafayette
        Coneys (two, or three) at Friendly Family Diner--Eastpointe.
        Shrimp Chow Mein at Gim Ling
        Spring Rolls at Gim Ling
        Anything on the menu--especially the daily specials at Bogart'z

        Probably a hundred more, but the Martinis are starting to kick in, and brain power processing is declining.