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Nov 27, 2013 12:56 AM

NY pizza in toaster oven?

I'm wondering if its possible to make a good pizza (new york style) in a small toaster oven (the tiny kind with heating rods on the top and bottom). I've tried before and gotten the typical 15-20 minute hard, cracker-like crust from a combi microwave oven that only heated from the top. But now I'm thinking what if I put a small pizza stone or a small slab of steel in there? Most toaster ovens say they go up to around 250C/480F, which is slightly higher than what my big home oven does, which should theoretically give me pretty decent 7-8 minute pies.

Has anyone tried this before? Ordering one of those stones or a steel would be quite expensive for me as I'd have to ship it overseas (impossible to find such small ones where I live) so ideally I'd like to see if anyone has any experience with this before taking the plunge.

All the reviews I see of those "mini" stones on amazon and the like don't give me the information I am looking for.


P.S. in case anyone is wondering why I want to do this when I already have a big oven, its because my girlfriend's house does not have a big oven and I'd like to be able to make pizza over there too.

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  1. First, I would not go for the steel. If there is store near you that sells ceramic tiles, see what is available. It may be necessary to buy more than one tile that can be placed next to each other. Can you preheat the toaster oven so tiles would hot before placing a pizza in it? I do not own one of those devices.

    Also, there is no law chiseled in stone that requires a pizza to be round. My late mother-in-law made rectangular 'le pizze' (plural in Italian) in an aluminum cookie sheet that always turned out well.

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      Is there any reason why would you not go for the steel?

      Yes, the oven can be preheated, thankfully, and yes, I do make square/rectangular pizzas if the dough is too big to fit as a circular one on my baking paper :)

      1. re: ChiliDude

        +1 for ceramic tile, much cheaper and works the same way

        1. re: Ttrockwood

          The steel works much better in my large oven than stone/ceramic.