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Nov 26, 2013 11:56 PM

21 Hour Pork Belly....with Picture..

Pork Belly is a staple item in most Asian supermarkets or Butcher stores, almost always reasonably priced at less than $2.50/lb for a 3 inch wide , by 14 inch long slab... I'll usually purchase it to try and duplicate the Roast Pig you can get in any Cantonese Style BBQ place. I've tried a number of recipes...but the distinctive Crispy Skin still eludes me.

Here's the final result ....tender pork made into a BLT of sorts....Tender meat, sliced red onion, sliced grape tomatoes, and Baby Arugula...served up on a nice Portuguese Roll and Duke's Mayonnaise.

450* for 20 minutes
225* for 4 hours.
Held @ 170* for an additional 17 hours..

Now why 17 hours at 170*....I was trying to render out the fat. What I ended up with was a pretty tasty and tender piece of meat, even though the skin did not turn up as I hoped it would.

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  1. fourunder, have you seen Kenji's technique? Rub skin with salt and baking powder, blast it on high heat at the end


    There is also an ultimate/hardcore version where he SV the belly then deep fries it.

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      I have not seen Kenji's technique, but thanks for the link and I'll give it a proper read., ....but I've seen and have been using the Saveur method from the year 2010.


      It may have been melanie wong who first mentioned the Bacon Soda technique as called for and used by Cantonese BBQ recipes. It certainly does aid is making the skin crispy, but I have not yet mastered the timing to make it perfect. If you leave the bacon soda on too long, it makes it too soft.

      I like Kenji....but like everyone else and life, he gets inspired by others and does a remake...I followed his Perfect Prime Rib recipe where he called for a 30 minutes rest.....but by accident I found that a longer two hours is even better over the past few years and I recommend a minimum one hour....he has since modified to say you need to rest at least one hour. Coincidence? : 0


      here have been my Porchetta attempts with pictures.


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        ruhlman has a dry rub cure for pork belly, which is then confited at 170 for 10 hours.

        let cool in the fat at least overnight.

        you can then deep-fry as is, bread with panko and deep-fry or simply run the pieces under the broiler.

        i know this isn't cantonese at all, but it is amazing.

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          Baking soda on the skin side only.

          You're right, I shouldn't have said his technique at all, "recipe" would have been a better choice.

        1. re: Lau

          I seem to recall it was you that posted pictures of the Roast Suckling Pig from China....that would be my one food choice on my bucket list.....

          1. re: fourunder

            ahh yah probably was me....its delicious

          2. re: Lau

            1. The clean up of the oven may well be worth it after seeing the finished results.

            2. I find scalding the skin first makes it far easier to needle.

            Look like another pork bell is in my future.