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Nov 26, 2013 11:51 PM


My quest here for great fried chicken paid off handsomely within 24 hours. One place tried and tested (Dinette Triple Crown) and I rate it 11 out of 10 and a second place (Poulet Bronze) that sounds very promising to try next week.

This one may be tougher...cheese blintzes like my mother and grandmother used to make with just the right amount of cinnamon inside nice 3" by 3" square blintzes with lots of filling. I love loading on gobs of fresh sour cream.

The blintzes I get at bagel stores (they come 6 to a pack and are narrow with dimensions that look like Hostess Twinkies that contain bland filling) are depressing. Where can I get a really good batch of blintzes?

Anybody know any good Jewish restaurant that serves them or any store that sells them? Prefer west end Montreal, Cote St. Luc, NDG, Snowdon, Westmount, Cote Des Neiges, Outremont or Park Ex...but I will drive a distance and pay any fair price for the real deal.

Who can help?

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  1. Cheskie's on Bernard and Parc may have them, but I'm not 100% sure. I usually just go there for their chocolate babka.

    1. Beauty's has them. Served with blueberry sauce and sour cream on the side last time I had 'em. Delicious, too.

      1. Can't say if they are like your grandmother's, but snowdon deli has good ones.

        1. Try Marché Epicure on Paré St., if not than there is Ella's either on Queen Mary above Westbury or Westminster & Cote St. Luc Road. No cinnamon though which made them taste more like the way my Bubby made them. Marché Epicure also carries fresh potato pierogies, really high-fat sour cream, halvah, cured meats, fishes, pickles, etc. all very eastern-European style. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion.

          Please keep us posted on what you find - I'm always looking for food like Bubby used to make.

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            Many thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I called a few of these places and the most promising lead I have came from talking to someone at Beauty's who recommended I try Homemade Kosher Bakery located at 6915 Querbes just off Jean Talon.

            They told me if I ordered in advance that they would prepare a batch with cinnamon mixed inside the filling which is the key ingredient I am looking for that none of these other places have.

            Ella's Deli and Snowdon Deli are both very close to where I live and I will drop by and see what they have and ask if they can prepare blintzes with cinnamon. Failing that...Homemade Kosher Bakery seems like my best bet.

            1. re: MISTER_C

              I've had other good things from there - I live in Little Italy so it is close by for me. I didn't mention it as I knew it was far from your place. It is a good block south of Jean-Talon, just west of Parc.

              I don't like cinnamon in most pastries, but ... whatever rocks your clock!