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Nov 26, 2013 10:26 PM

I am spatchcocking...smoking tips?

This year i am cooking the turkey. I am going to follow the mark bittman recipe to roast/cook the brined turkey. I want to smoke it after I roast it. Because I love smoked meats. I have cherry wood, apple and hickory chips. Any suggestions on adjusting cooking times, seasoning/flavors, grilling tips? What about bacon drippings and brown sugar glaze and what seasoning would I want to highlight the smoky,bacon, maple flavors?

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  1. I'm spatchcocking and smoking too. First time, so no tips. Why roast first? I've got a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker (18 in) and apple woood. I'm planning on smoking at high heat, around 325, I expect to go about 50 minutes/5 lbs. That way will have crispy skin, and hopefully not too heavy a smoke.

    Check out this site:

    Good luck

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      Agree with you on temps: Must smoke above 300 to avoid rubbery skin on poultry. So a higher heat smoke is the thing to do. Do it all on the smoker. Flavors are personal preference, but I would rub it then smoke with light/fruitwoods, no glazes.

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        OP could cold-smoke it PRIOR to roasting. I don't understand wanting to smoke it afterwards.

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          I see where you're coming from, but that's not what he's saying.

          WB is saying to cook at a temperature above 300...not "start smoking" above 300.

          Running the smoker in the 300-350 range will help render the fat in the skin and keep it from getting too rubbery...a major issue with "slow smoked" poultry.

          You gain no real benefit from cooking poultry at a super low temp anyway...the skin is much more important.

          So anyway...yeah, he's saying to smoke at a temp above 300...not roasting and then smoking.


          1. re: JayL

            But OP is talking about, I believe, a two step process. Roasting in the oven and then smoking. Or maybe I'm not understanding :)

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              That's what I understood as well. Not a good idea. BBQ first then roast in oven would be.... ahmmmm OK. But not the other way around.

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                Ah...thought you were replying to woodburner...I'm way off...

                1. re: JayL

                  No problem. I've never quite understood the OP's question so my answering hasn't been all that concise. Hopefully s/he will report back on what wound up being done. With pix :)

          2. re: woodburner

            325-350 is my preference for any poultry.

            Not a huge "glaze" person. Smoke the entire time, lightly with your cherry and apple.

            For me, I'm taking it off the smoker at around 165. It should cook fairly evenly by spatchcocking.

            As always, I would make a compound butter with all of my main seasonings and rub every inch UNDER the skin. After that I'm gonna rub the outer skin with olive oil and maybe season with a little salt to help crisp the skin (don't want to over salt it since you have already brined).

            I don't know what you're smoking on, but I would be using a WSM. I like smoking sans the water pan to get a little direct heat. By doing so, I would most likely flip the bird during the cook (no pun intended...LoL). I would start skin down...this helps render it some. Before it starts burning I'd flip it and finish the cook skin up.

            You're gonna have an excellent bird tomorrow!

        2. You can't smoke after roasting. Only before or during.

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            Thank you all for your responses. I
            Question, please. Is there a recommended time to grill/smoke a spatchcoked 17lbs. Turkey? Can I then complete the cooking/rotating in oven? I have viewed recipes but am fantazing about a herb grilled, smoked turkey...thanks Schulyer for spatchcocking my bird!

          2. Mine came out pretty well on the WSM. I had trouble keeping the temp much about 300. My 18 pounder took three and a half hours. Skin was kind of rubbery, everything else was awesome! The drippings went into some great gravy made from stock made from the backbone and giblets while the bird was smoking.

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            1. Glad to say the 17 lb. TJ brined turkey was delicious. ($33.00)...I added celery, onions, parsley, sage, thyme, cracked pepper rub for a day. Then melted butter and *bacon jam.* I used a flavor injector and inserted it into the turkey and used the remaining to rub the turkey down. I roasted it at 450f for 30 minutes and then for two hours at 385. Perfect. Crisp skin, moist and flavorful...everyone loved it. They also loved the recipe/technique/and word spatchcocking.

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              1. re: blueways

                So you didn't smoke and/or grill. Glad to know it turned out well.