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Nov 26, 2013 06:36 PM

Where to find brioche?

I need brioche for a Thanksgiving cranberry bread pudding recipe but both Whole Foods and TJ's don't carry it. I'm in the Lower Pac Heights area (Van Ness @ Sacramento) and would prefer to not venture far out of the way. The recipe calls for 8 cups of diced brioche. Any help would be super appreciated!


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  1. I've found brioche in roll form at WF (in Reno) if you can't find what you're looking for. Although I always feel that one can always find anything in SF :)

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Thank you both!

          Does Boulange make theirs fresh btw; it's a bit easier to get to than Brioche Bakery though I'm assuming probably not as good?

          Edit: I'm looking at Brioche Bakery's menu and catering menu online right now and I don't see where they sell atual brioche loaves. It's too late to call now, but are you 100% certain about it?


          1. re: OliverB

            Since many places are selling out of many things due to the holiday, be sure to call and reserve what you want before making a special trip. Brioche Bakery has never listed brioche loaves on its menu. I know that I bought it there before, that I am 100% certain about. Whether it is something that you can buy tomorrow, no one knows.

        2. Just FYI I saw brioche at TJs this weekend, in the artisan bread section.

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Thanks Ruth, which one??

            I was just at the TJs on California and (forget the cross street, block or two above Polk) and didn't see it.

            How's the brioche from Boulange and is it necessary to call in advance? That would be the easiest for me to grab; I've got a packed work schedule this week so it's a bit of a hassle to go anywhere for it. Boulange would be the most convenient. Is it rated pretty high?

            1. re: OliverB

              Alameda. I think it was the featured bread of the week.

              1. re: OliverB

                You've probably gobbled up the bread pudding by now, but Boulange's brioche is one of the better breads they make. I'm not sure if they sell it in full loaves or just 4 inch cut pieces though.

                TJ's does carry some, and it's possibly made by Boulange.

                You can easily substitute brioche and get great results in a recipe like pudding.

            2. I'm a huge fan of La Brioche, but they might be a bit overwhelmed by the holidays. If it's just for bread pudding TJ's had rolls and loaves the last time I was at my local last Sat. on Mason St. But those brioche "slices" from La Brioche would be heavenly!