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Nov 26, 2013 06:07 PM

Row 34

Just returned from an opening night meal at Row34. I wanted to post this more to add some information and get a thread going then a full comprehensive review as their website is not fully up yet etc.

Currently 18 of 24 tap lines are running; really nice draft list and the prices are very fair. They will be offering half pour options of the 16oz offerings which is awesome.

I believe there were 6 types of Oysters offered this evening with 2 of the varieties being from Island Creek…the new Row34 Oyster is a nice option; much creamier and nutty then the IC's which is one of my favorites. Four different kinds of crudo at prices from $9 - $14. I tried the striped bass which was very good.

The menu rounds out with a good selection of appetizers which include 2 sizes of fried clams. A separate section offers hot and cold lobster rolls, and a fried clam roll. Entrees range from bucantini with clams, fish of the day, to a burger with a steak and another option in the middle.

We had oysters, tuna tartare, pasta, hot lobster roll (w/ chips and slaw) and butterscotch pudding for dessert. Everything but the Tuna Tartare (maybe dice was too big, too many cucumber pieces may have watered it down) were totally spot on and delicious.

I usually give a bunch of leeway on opening night but I can honestly say this place came off like it had been in the neighborhood for a large part of 2013. Great food and service. All the key folks from ES & ICOB were on hand watching over the opening; love the graphic T's with logos from key vendors…nice touch.

Overall….great addition to Fort Point and for a person who loves the food and service at ICOB and ES, this is slightly stripped down ICOB with emphasis on craft beer instead of cocktails. Looking forward to going back next week.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Can't wait to check it out.

    1. Thank you for this! How were the prices?

        1. re: LStaff

          Fort Point Pale Ale was on. Beer prices were reasonable, I thought the food prices were also fine. Here is the tap menu for last night, hopefully it comes through ok. They are supposed to list 1/2 pours for every 16oz product but had a first night menu mis-print.

        2. 24 taps huh? Very impressive and a far cry from ICOB's 4 or 5 taps.

          1. I went on opening night as well. Wanted to love it, only liked it. Always great to have another good seafood restaurant, especially one with such a good beer selection, but, unlike Island Creek, I thought they weren't trying to do anything interesting. Oysters were great as was an appetizer that I believe they referred to as fish headcheese. There was not much on the main course page that looked interesting. The whole fish was just boring and tasteless (but seemed fresh). The fried clams were good enough, but they charged $1 each for sauces (a spicy catsup that tasted just like catsup and sirachia, a horseradish mustard that tasted like any horseradish mustard you could buy at the grocery store and a mayo based sauce that I can't remember what it was billed as, but tasted just like mayo). I don't care about $3, but it just looked like they were being greedy asking for extra money for sauces (in particular sauces that were nothing special). Some people like their seafood without much adulteration (I actually consider myself one of them), but its not like they are doing crazy things at ICOB, and given that the bill ends up coming to about the same amount, I would have appreciated some of the creativity in the main dishes that you get at ICOB.