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Nov 26, 2013 03:47 PM


Hello, I'll be in town for thanksgiving this year and was looking for any recommendations for a nice thanksgiving dinner. We went to Philippe last year and loved it but sadly they are closed this year. We'll be staying in the galleria area but aren't opposed to driving a bit if we find something fantastic.

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  1. Brennan's is serving on Thanksgiving, and is always a great choice (although I have not been there on Thanksgiving).

    1. Brennan's is a great choice...or just pick from here:

      Osteria Mazzantini has been getting great reviews, and it's also right in the Galleria area...other than that, I'd likely give Rainbow Lodge or maybe Sorrel for the variety. But call ahead wherever you go!

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        thats a great link, thanks. I should have mentioned that I plan on having a late lunch (2PM) so was planning on dinner at 8pm or later.

        mockingbird bistro has an appealing menu. what do y'all think about that place?

        1. re: chrisdds98

          I almost suggested Mockingbird, but I am not nearly as familiar with it as Brennan's. But I think it would be a good choice if you liked Philippe.

      2. Thanks for the help guys. Unfortunately I came down with the flu and was stuck at home in Ausitn. however, my fiance made it to mockingbird with her sister and I was lucky to get some lovely leftovers.

        next time in town I'll have to go here myself and check out brennans as well.

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