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Aug 3, 2005 02:34 PM

Hummus/Falafel in DFW area?

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I just moved to addison/dallas area and am craving some delicious hummus and falafel at a cheap, quick pick up to-go type setting. Thanks for any suggestions!!

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  1. I am huge mediterranean/middle eastern food fan, so I have tried several such spots in the area. In my opinion, Ali Baba on lower Greenville has the best of both. But, I wouldn't characterize it is a quick, pick-up type place.

    If you are thinking more along the lines of the falafel sandwhich shops that are in various part of the US, I don't know of a place like that in the D/FW area (if there are, please let me know). But, Fadi's serves decent falafel and hummus, and does have a falafel sandwhich on the menu. I know of two locations: (1) Knox/Henderson and 75 (Dallas); and (2) Preston and Beltline (Addison/North Dallas area). They have cafeteria-style service, and are much quicker than Ali Baba.

    Hope this helps.

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      If I could eat at one Middle Eastern restaurant in Texas, maybe in the US, it would be Ali Baba. Unfortunately, I haven't been there in a few years. I miss my favorite dishes:

      Appetizers to include a plate of felafel balls and various mezza offerings.
      Roast chicken with sublime, powerful garlic dip, wonderful rice. As an alternative, lamb shishkabob.

      I've lived in the Middle East and Ali Baba matches places over there in quality.

    2. Fadi's Mediterranean Grill
      (214) 528-1800
      3001 Knox St
      Dallas, TX 75205

      Very reasonable and out standing food. enjoy!

      1. Does the Izmir Deli on Greenville Ave. have a falafel sandwich? I would imagine that they do.

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          They do have a falafel sandwich.

        2. Try Cafe Fino on the SW corner of Campbell and Coit in N.Dallas.

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            There are a couple of places you could try.

            I agree, Fadi's is pretty good, but Izmir has some of the best hummus around. Also, Kasra up in Richardson at Arapaho is pretty tasty.

            I have a friends who really like Hedary's on Beltline.

            If you want pick up and go food, I have a friend who loves Jasmin, a little middle eastern market on Beltline just east of 75. It maybe has one or two tables inside, but most of the stuff is togo.

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            1. re: simply_victoria

              Sadly, Hedary's is now closed. And I really liked that place too!

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                for reference, the Fort Worth branch is still open.