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Hummus/Falafel in DFW area?

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I just moved to addison/dallas area and am craving some delicious hummus and falafel at a cheap, quick pick up to-go type setting. Thanks for any suggestions!!

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  1. I am huge mediterranean/middle eastern food fan, so I have tried several such spots in the area. In my opinion, Ali Baba on lower Greenville has the best of both. But, I wouldn't characterize it is a quick, pick-up type place.

    If you are thinking more along the lines of the falafel sandwhich shops that are in various part of the US, I don't know of a place like that in the D/FW area (if there are, please let me know). But, Fadi's serves decent falafel and hummus, and does have a falafel sandwhich on the menu. I know of two locations: (1) Knox/Henderson and 75 (Dallas); and (2) Preston and Beltline (Addison/North Dallas area). They have cafeteria-style service, and are much quicker than Ali Baba.

    Hope this helps.

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      If I could eat at one Middle Eastern restaurant in Texas, maybe in the US, it would be Ali Baba. Unfortunately, I haven't been there in a few years. I miss my favorite dishes:

      Appetizers to include a plate of felafel balls and various mezza offerings.
      Roast chicken with sublime, powerful garlic dip, wonderful rice. As an alternative, lamb shishkabob.

      I've lived in the Middle East and Ali Baba matches places over there in quality.

    2. Fadi's Mediterranean Grill
      (214) 528-1800
      3001 Knox St
      Dallas, TX 75205

      Very reasonable and out standing food. enjoy!

      1. Does the Izmir Deli on Greenville Ave. have a falafel sandwich? I would imagine that they do.

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          They do have a falafel sandwich.

        2. Try Cafe Fino on the SW corner of Campbell and Coit in N.Dallas.

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            There are a couple of places you could try.

            I agree, Fadi's is pretty good, but Izmir has some of the best hummus around. Also, Kasra up in Richardson at Arapaho is pretty tasty.

            I have a friends who really like Hedary's on Beltline.

            If you want pick up and go food, I have a friend who loves Jasmin, a little middle eastern market on Beltline just east of 75. It maybe has one or two tables inside, but most of the stuff is togo.

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              Sadly, Hedary's is now closed. And I really liked that place too!

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                for reference, the Fort Worth branch is still open.

            2. Ali Baba has some of the best middle eastern food in this area. Two locations, lower greenville & Preston Road, between Frankford & George Bush Turnpike. Sara bekery in Richardson also has good middle eastern food. On Sherman Street just north of Spring Valley. It's primarily a pita bakery, but also has a middle eastern market and counter service restaurant, good hummus falafel, and the best freshest pita in town.

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                Ali Baba opened a location in North Dallas? Is it open Sunday? (The Greenville store was not).

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                  Yes, it's at 19009 Preston Rd. north of Frankford, south of George Bush. As far as I know it is open on Sundays. Closed Monday. Same menu same great food as Greenvie Ave. location.

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                    Sorry to tell you that they moved awhile back...think they have something off of Campbell near I75 only open for lunch....

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                      Ali Baba on Preston closed over a yr ago. The one in Richardson is on Central Expwy no. of Campbell. They are open for dinner. (They weren't open for dinner when they had a smaller buffet-only location on the other side of 75 on Campbell.)

                      I love hummus and like Ali Baba's best. Some people like Afrah's (Beltline/Greenville in Richardson) and others like Shiek's (downtown Plano).

                      Shine's has the best meat/shawarma, but their hummus is pretty lousy IMO. Fadi doesn't even count as it isn't really Middle Eastern IMNSHO.

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                        There's also a location at MacArthur and 114, for those not a part of the richardson/plano cult.

                        It's the only one I've been to, but I was nearly universally impressed with the buffet. The Moussaka was a mash and the meats were a bit too salty, though good otherwise. Rice dishes, including the porridge were cooked very well, a rarity on buffets. As Kuidaora mentioned, the hummus is very good as was the baba ganoush. Many dishes were bitingly garlicky, so if this offends your taste it may not suit you. Overall it's one of the few buffets I'd gladly spend $10 for, even if i wasn't eating "all I can." I believe the price is more like $15 on weekends.

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                          Does Ali Baba on MacArthur serve moussaka?! Never seen it at the Richardson location. Neither the porridge. I like their rice and veggie dishes, too. That's probably the only rice dish I like on any buffet.

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                            Yeah, but it didn't really resemble moussaka to me. It may have been way overcooked. That should be a great buffet item. The rice pudding/porridge, or whatever they call it was really great. The rice still had texture. It was fairly sweet, but you could still taste the flavor of the rice, and a little bit of rosewater I think.

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                              Does the Ali Baba in MacArthur serve Falafel?

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                                Yes they do, but I haven't been there recently so I can't describe it.

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                                  Yes they do, and I have not been to the one on MacArthur, but if it is the same people that run the other Ali Baba restaurants, both the hummus and falafal are probably about as good as you are going to get in this area...

                                  Ali Baba Cafe
                                  1901 Abrams Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75214

                2. Fadi's has a location off Preston in Frisco. Fadi's is very consistent.

                  The best Hummus is actually found at TruFire in Frisco off the Tollway and Lebanon (sw corner). Really, really good hummus.

                  1. There is a quick to go Falafel place in the Willowbend mall Park & NDT in the food court. They are basically trying to be a full service dinner in the food court Very interesting falafel and all you can drink fruit juice.

                    I personally think the best Falafel is NATALIE’S KITCHEN on Hillcrest & Campbell.

                    There is also a to go place that is quite good on Parker & Independence in Plano.

                    I would agree on Fadis. Ali Baba is generally good but their Falafel is not ouststanding.

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                      I tried to find Natalie's and I think they must have closed...I was in the shopping center at Hillcrest and Campbell

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                        Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation for Natale's Kitchen, irodguy.
                        This little spot has now become one of our weekly go-to spots. It is especially nice during this season when Natale, her mother and the staff are busy cooking for the holidays.
                        They DO have the best falafel I've tasted. The. Best. Falafel. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it. Now that I know what fresh ground and mixed falafel tastes like, I can tell who makes theirs from a mix and/or ahead of time and left to sit - Fadi's. Their pita is wonderful, their hummus is to die for. I love their Turkish coffee, schwarma, baklava, cheesecake, chocolate balls, meringues, oh my!
                        I have heard a few of their customers make criticisms to the staff for service.. but I say honestly, that is part of the charm. Just grab a glass of tea and peruse the isles of the Med. world market that is attached to the restaurant/kitchen area while you wait. Chill. This is like eating at someone's kitchen. Charming, fresh and delicious.

                      2. I hope you are not from NY, as we do not even begin to have a quick in and out falafal and hummus place here in this area, and it is very hard to find the same quality...Just one of those foods you will miss..AND one of the foods that I look forward to when I visit NY....

                        1. Ali Baba moved its Lower Greenville restaurant to the corner of Abrams and La Vista, in Lakewood. A larger, nicer space. And they have a great lunch buffet there now.

                          1. Welcome. For cheap and quick you might try Shine's Market on Beltline just east of Preston. It's Lebanese via South America.

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                              For good quick falafal try:

                              Milk & Honey Jerusalem Market & Grill
                              420 N Coit Rd
                              Richardson, TX 75080
                              (972) 404-0704‎


                            2. Cafe Carmel 13410 Preston rd. (on Preston and Dillbeck) has the best falafel and Humous in Dallas ,They also have falafel pita sandwich and many other middle east delicious food!

                              1. If you don't find the hummus you're looking for at a restaurant, I have a recipe for homemade hummus that's really yummy and easy to make. Post if you want the recipe. Good luck with your hummus/falafel quest.

                                1. I like King Tut in the hospital district in Ft. Worth.

                                  1. Try the Tasty Greek next to Joes Pizza on Josey and Belt line in Carrollton I can't tell you how it compares because it is the only falafel I've eaten, but i like it. They have a buffet during the day, and are relatively quick on the sammich menu(falafel, gyro, kafta). Also are byob. Sandwiched run 5-6 bucks, combo with fries or salad and a drink around 8 if I remember.

                                    1. Izmir and Izmir Deli both have great hummus and falafal. Was there twice during the St pat's parade, lunch and dinner.

                                      Izmir Deli
                                      3609 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

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                                        I have never seen Falafal at the actual Izmar restaurant...Is this part of their small plate menu?

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                                          I had it at the deli across the street from the Granada Theater during the St Pats parade this year. The menu is a bit different from the restaurant Izmir but same hummus and such, and they deliver. Try the eegra, a bit different than a babaganouj and compliments hummus rather well. Menu below:


                                      2. Believe it or not, I bought some hummus at Eatzie's after trying a sample taste and surprisingly, it was fabulous!

                                        I love Afrah for Middle Eastern cooking.

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                                          Old thread but I'll bite because it has me drooling. Izmir is still my favorite because of the silky smooth texture (screw date night, get it with lots of garlic) but I'll second the suggestion for King Tut too because of the different spices in their hummus.