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Nov 26, 2013 01:45 PM

Anyone tried the Smithsonian in Greenfield yet?

Just saw that Hatfield's Smithsonian had opened an outpost in the Art Block off of Greenfield's main square. Has anyone tried it yet? I really liked the old place, and enjoyed the one visit I made to their new location on Route 5. Curious about this one, but I'm usually down in Northampton during the day.

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  1. I had lunch there a few weeks ago -- delicious grilled cheese sandwiches [multiple choices of cheese] and a bowl of chicken soup. All their soups are made from scratch. Mine was tasty although very salty. The service was very friendly. They also have a limited dinner menu that looks pretty good. So nice to have another lunch option in downtown Greenfield.

    1. you'll be glad to know they're opening another place in Northampton - in the Roundhouse!

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        thanks for the info. i'll hopefully try both of them out in the near future. as to the comment about saltiness, this is something i've been noticing lately. i'm wondering if it's just because i've been cooking with a lot less salt, or whether it's an actual trend. time will tell.

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          soups often fall prey to excessive salt in restaurants- and in cans as well! as someone who is salt-sensitive, I have learned to enjoy low salt food for years...and love it when I find a restaurant that uses less than the standard large amounts in their food. I can often get a hint of which restaurants will satisfy me when reviews complain about the food being under-salted! Certain ethnic cuisines do seem to use a fair amount of salt but somehow the dishes can still taste balanced, like with Indian food. But yes fatheryod, I would say if you are getting used to less salt with your own are less addicted to the 'usual' amounts and will notice it more readily in restaurant food. I have greater respect for cooks who don't rely on salt as the dominant flavoring agent. I have learned to use things like fresh lime and lemon juice, cayenne, and other herbs in place of works!