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Nov 26, 2013 01:23 PM

Bells! NYC! Finally!

Finally, Bells is coming to NYC. No more long road trips to DC.

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  1. But need to venture to Kalamazoo to really experience the brewery's brilliance.

    Happy that you have found the brew in your neighborhood.

    1. Bell's makes several great brews, but for my money Expedition Stout is at the top of their list... that stuff is just sublime.

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      1. re: TombstoneShadow

        +1 on the Expedition. I buy a case every year and cellar it. The '11 is drinking really good right now. Also, grab some Black Note when it comes out - dynamite stuff!

        1. re: Slightly Grey

          Geez... first I ever heard of Bells Black Note... that sounds like awesome stout too...

          How would you contrast the flavors??

          1. re: TombstoneShadow

            Think of a combination of Cream Stout and Expedition mixed together and then bourbon barrel aged. Close as I can get. Similar to Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, but tastes a little sweeter and smoother to me.

      2. Good news. I love Bells, especially that sour cherry stout. I'm normally not enamored of fruit beers but that one is pretty unique

        1. I refuse to drink Bells anymore because they do not support the Michigan beer industry.

          Founders, Shorts, Greenbush are all better choices.

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          1. re: worldwarz

            In what way does Bells not support the Michigan beer industry? And, what part of the Michigan beer industry? This is all fairly curious to me.

              1. re: worldwarz

                Thanks for the links which brought this issue to me. I find it interesting that this is a Michigan issue and you live in Arizona. Recently move?

                1. re: Tripeler

                  Born and raised in Michigan, moved to AZ for work, then moved back to MI a couple of years ago. Should probably change that.

                2. re: worldwarz

                  That attorney sounds like a real piece of work. Not only is he aware of pay-to-play politics, he actually defends and endorses it. I think it speaks well of Mr. Bell that he has no interest in participating in the legalized bribery of our corrupt political system.

                3. re: Tripeler

                  Larry Bell doesn't want any competition.

                  1. re: worldwarz

                    If that is so, (which I hope is not true) he and his staff are really myopic.

                    Founders, Short's, Atwater, Original Gravity, Hopcat & a score of other real, real craft brewers continue to expand their reach and gain converts here in MI and throughout the midwest.

                    My thinking is that good product will drive out bad, so Interbev and that Mexican giant will be taking it on the chin going forward. That's MY hope, anyway.

                4. re: worldwarz

                  What must a Michigan brewer do to support the Michigan beer industry? Who decides what constitutes support and what doesn't? Is one to silently acquiesce if he disagrees with the majority?

                  I don't know a lot about the Michigan beer industry. I know that Larry Bell has done much to support the craft-beer industry in the United States. For example:

                  (Disclosure: I am a friend of Larry Bell.)

                  1. re: Jim Dorsch

                    Well it would be nice if he would continue to support the industry instead of trying to hold it back.

                    1. re: worldwarz

                      Judging by your response, I assume you don't care to answer my questions.

                    2. re: Jim Dorsch

                      Didnt he break the back of a monopolistic distributor in Illinois by refusing to allow his beer to be sold there for 2 years? I believe he was worried about the new distributor limiting what beers he could sell there or something like that. I remember thinking how ironic it was I could buy Bells in the DC area and people in Chicago couldnt get a Two Hearted. Glad he returned to the area and glad hes expanding to new states with the help of his Comstack facility.

                        1. re: Jim Dorsch

                          It's a great story and sadly representative of stupid archaic laws.

                          1. re: MOREKASHA

                            There is plenty of activity in various states as brewers try to make franchise laws more friendly.

                            What Larry Bell did in Illinois was supremely brave.

                            1. re: Jim Dorsch

                              What were the replacement brews like?

                              1. re: MOREKASHA

                                I didn't have them. I've been out east for many years and don't get back to Chicago often.

                              2. re: Jim Dorsch

                                There was nothing brave about it. The reality is Bell's cannot make enough beer for the total demand for its beer. He chose not to sell in a market where he didn't have the level of control he wanted. It was a choice, and it didn't hurt the bottom line in the long run. But brave it was not. Soldiers are brave, entrepreneurs take calculated risks.

                                1. re: cwdonald

                                  Bell's immediately started to ship large quantities of beer to new markets, such as Virginia. Clearly, they could make enough beer at that time.

                                  1. re: Jim Dorsch

                                    Au contraire.. they were not shipping to those markets before pulling out of Illinois. Assuming they didn't change their production levels shows that they are not making enough beer to fulfill all the demand in the market. The fact that they shipped to other markets immediately after pulling out showed there was pent up demand for Bells product and they could easily afford to pull out of the state. When you have pent up demand, and alternative markets you have leverage.

                                    1. re: cwdonald

                                      That's fine, except you don't know if the demand exists until you ship the product.

                                      My last word (unless you provoke the dickens out of me). Cheers.

                      1. just ordered some rare (for around here) tequila by mail order a couple months back... it was great.

                        Maybe I'll have to think about ordering some unique beers by mail order too...

                        Not thinking run-of-the-mill 6 packs, but like single bottles of worldwide stout or dreadnaught p.a. Would like to try that new Bells stout too (black note). For that matter haven't had an expedition since back in the day in chicago...

                        Anyone else order their beer online these days? I know the delivery price sucks...

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                        1. re: TombstoneShadow

                          For years a buddy and myself would order a case of Deschutes Jubel and some other NW x mas/rare beers and ship them to NYC. These days, with local availability and the economy, we don't do that.

                          1. re: MOREKASHA

                            Speaking of Deschutes, I just saw a large bottle of Deschutes "freshies" with amarillo hops... almost snagged it...

                            I tried their "fresh squeezed" awhile back and it was real good... anyone try freshies ???

                          2. re: TombstoneShadow

                            In most cases, it is a waste of money to do this for beer, because unless you live in the middle of nowhere you will probably get a decent number of comparable beers in your area. Where do you live?

                            1. re: RB Hound

                              RB; I agree that's generally the case... I can always find as you describe a "comparable" beer... at least in the near-ballpark. But for some beers there just is no comparison, they are so unique... that's what I'm thinking I need to use internet/mail order for... just those rare bottles.

                              1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                If you are looking for rarez join beer advocate or rate beer and trade for them.

                                I used to covet beers I couldn't get but quickly got over it when I figured out how much it would cost to ship them. I also find it more gratifying drinking the beers that I know will satisfy my desires that I can find on a regular or semi regular basis. But it is nice when they just appear in front of me out of the blue, at beer fests, or trying them when I travel.