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Nov 26, 2013 01:09 PM

Do ever wonder if it's the diner not the place?

I work with someone who is never happy with her meal no matter where she eats. She travels often and money is not really an issue. Here in this area she has had horrific meals at board favorites, terrible service at places know for wonderful service. She recently got back from New York and had a "disastrous" dinner at EMP. Service was "surly, indifferent, and rude" foods was "bland and uninspired". You get the picture. She had a similar experience at French Laundry when she was there last year.

I so want to say to her : "it's not them, it's you!"

I recently had mediocre meal at one of my favorite places. I realized after that the fact that it was really me. I had had a terrible day, was stressed and my husband and I were "having a bad patch". I projected that all onto meal and most likely the poor server, LOL. I would hate to wait on my co-worker!

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    1. re: ferret

      +1. I like to kill time by browsing one-star Yelp reviewers, particularly ones who give EVERYTHING one star. I'd hate to be married to them.

    2. Absolutely! There are always two sides to every story and you only end up hearing hers. That's what drives me nuts about websites like urbanspoon. I wish the public were able to comment on peoples' reviews like they can here.

      1. It may also be some notion that the diner has that finding fault with some highly acclaimed restaurant grants a kind of higher aesthetic to the diner herself. Kind of a "well you peons who don't know any better might think it was great, but to someone like me - someone with a much more well-developed palate or sense of good service - it was sadly lacking."

        Too bad for them. They miss a lot of the good stuff.

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        1. Don't say anything to her. But also don't go out with her if avoidable.
          It sounds to me like she is potentially a very unhappy and unsatisfied person in general-aka she needs a therapist more than a copy of the ny times review of EMP or your pointing out what she already knows. (She knows she isn't happy).

          It doesn't sound like a conversation to broach with a co-worker.

          1. I've sworn off eating out with rude or critical people. Life is too short and good meals are too expensive to waste on people who are just going to be sour.