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Nov 26, 2013 12:59 PM

Home Chef Cooking School

Hey all. I am new to this but hope to connect with others who took classes in the past from the Home Chef Cooking School. I moved and lost my binder with all my recipes from the MANY classes I had attended. I am desperate. I loved them. If you have any, or know someone who does, could you please share? Thanks!

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  1. i worked for homechef years ago and have a huge stack of recipes. feel free to email me:
    cherie (at) chezcherie (dot) com

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    1. re: chez cherie

      I took the 12 week course back in 1999- 2000?
      I thought it was great ....
      I am missing a few recipes. One in particular I was interested in was the Rib Eye steak with Porcini mushrooms ( I believe there was a wine used with it on the left over brown bits in the pan .... Can I email you for that recipe ?
      Thanks in advance

      1. re: edgars

        Hmmm...I don't remember this recipe. I hope Chez Cherie can help!


        1. re: edgars

          I took the 12 week essentials course in Feb. 2001. I miss those classes! I have all the recipes. Hope you can read it.

        2. re: chez cherie

          Chez Cherie, I also have misplaced my recipes. I would really appreciate it if you could send me recipes for the lamb stew with pappardelle, and the "Mac and cheese for adults." I'm at a family reunion, and my daughter would like me to make the lamb dish that she enjoyed as a kid.

          1. re: waltcook

            Please check my reply to Sunnysugar below - I tried to upload a jpeg of the recipe for baked penne weith cheese sauce we prepared in the Classic Sauces lesson at Home Chef

        3. Funny! I was looking for one of my HomeChef recipes a few months back, too. I still have the binder but there was one particular recipe I was looking for that wasn't there. I'm guessing I took it out to cook from it and forgot to put it back... I'll have to remember which one it was.


          1. I cannot find my recipe for the Macaroni and Cheese that we made in the essential classes. I am supposed to make it Tuesday. HELP!!!!!

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            1. re: SunnySungar

              I have a recipe for basic cheese sauce and baked penne with cheese sauce from the Essentials class I took back in 3/99 at Home Chef in Walnut Creek - I tried to upload the jpeg scan - hope you can read it

            2. I also am looking for one of my recipes. It was the swordfish with pistachio butter log. Would love to get another copy if possible. I know I have it somewhere but haven't been able to locate it and am hoping it didn't get thrown out accidentally. If someone wouldn't mind sharing, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you! Heather