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Nov 26, 2013 12:57 PM

A recipe for KOSHER Italian meatballs

Can someone please help with a recipe that would pass muster in an Italian home ?

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  1. I know many treif versions mix pork and beef- I usually mix vel and beef and lods of seaoning (Italian mix) and they rtaste pretty yummy.

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      It's not just about the meat mixture. 'Authentic' Italian meatballs use bread that has been soaked in milk.

      I use 50% beef, 25% veal and 25% lamb, seasoned bread crumbs (my own home made), pasta sauce and one whole egg to moisten. I then brown in a frying oan and bake in the oven until cooked. The frying is necessary to develop the great crust

      1. re: bagelman01

        Ohh yours sound so yummy! I may try this:)

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          I've never tried it myself, but I've been tempted to try soy milk to replicate the milk in Italian meatballs.

          1. re: avitrek

            Not a good idea. The milk is used to soak the italian bread and then squeezed out (it really isn't one of the 'ingredients' in the meatballs. The soy milk doesn't yield the same results. I don't know if one of the animal enzymes makes a difference.

      2. It is my understanding that traditional Italian meatballs also include cheese . . . parmesan or romano, if I'm not mistaken.