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Nov 26, 2013 12:50 PM

Driving with kids from NJ to VT via I87

Looking for kid-friendly restaurants off of I-87 northbound in NY state. Preferably a place with a play area. But if that's not possible, just a restaurant that is decent for children (prefer not to be fast food). Thanks!

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  1. Unfortunately play area typically equals fast food or, at the very least, a chain. I think any place with an indoor play area (necessary at this time of year) would be fast food. In Clifton Park, I believe exit 9 of the Northway, there is a Friendly's. Kids really like their menu.

    1. The Bakery in New Paltz. I haven't eaten there recently- just takeout, but they used to have a small play area upstairs. Call and ask.

      1. Wolf's 1-11 is between exits 2 and 4 of the Adirondack Northway (I-87) (there is no exit 3). Located at 111 Wolf Rd, Colonie, it is a restaurant with a children's game room. Check out the web site or Face Book page.

        I recently took a couple and their two young daughters, 8 & 10, there and after a bite to eat the children had a wonderful time with Mom in the game room while Dad and I caught up on old times over a couple of beers.

        1. No Play area, but Union Square right off Exit 17 (Newburgh) is very child and adult-friendly. Very good value, decent food.