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Pumpkin Pie/Apple Pie - last minute

One of our guests is supposed to be making the pies for Thanksgiving, but we won't know if he'll be able to attend dinner until Wednesday. Is there a place on the Westside (or downtown) that will have delicious (or decent) pies this Wednesday without pre-ordering, in case we are in a jam?

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  1. Probably Apple Pan, on Pico across from the mall where Westside Tavern is.

        1. Costco is my go-to pumpkin pie when I can't bake it myself!

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          1. Just found out that he is not coming, so I was able to order pies in advance. Thanks everyone.

            1. Bristol Farms had pies stacked to the ceiling tonight (Tuesday) at the Manhattan Beach store.

                1. My wife picked up a Costco pumpkin pie last month. The pie itself is packed well and it is huge - probably equivalent to two to three pies. The filling was way too sweet for my tastes, and it otherwise tasted like a typical institutional pumpkin pie filling. The crust was acceptable considering the price but I have no desire to revisit this behemoth. Again - it's a huge pie, so unless you're getting it to serve 10-15 people, be prepared to deal a lot of leftover meh pie.

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                    It sounds crappy.

                    Just go to The filling station for a great big tasty pie.