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Nov 26, 2013 11:30 AM

Looking for bondost (Swedish cheese) in NYC

Hi all,

I'm looking for some bondost in Manhattan. It's an orange semi soft swedish cheese that sometimes has caraway seeds inside. I've tried some neighborhood cheese counters and even Murray's cheese-- no luck yet. Any ideas of other places I can try? I've also been trying to find a non-cheese specific store that sells Swedish foods without much luck.

Thanks in advance

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    Aks here. I find the selection at the Irving Place location better than Murray's.

    1. Nordic Delicacies in Bay Ridge lists it on their website (with and without caraway seeds). You can also try the Nordic Preserves in Essex Market or la Marqueta in Manhattan.

      1. Try calling ideal cheese, they are one of the suppliers for aquavit restaurant:

        1. Just wanted to report back and thank everyone! Nordic Delicacies was the only place that I called that carries it. I ended up ordering online from Sweden's Best, and gave the 2.5 pound wheel to my boyfriend for xmas. I figured we'd go to Bay Ridge and check out Nordic Delicacies in person-- that place sounds awesome! Thanks again