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butter expiration dates

Two unsalted organic pounds of butter: One is frozen and has expiration date of 2/19/12. Second has been refrigerated, not frozen, expiration June 10, 2013. Are they safe to use in dressing, turkey prep, etc?

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  1. Frozen butter keeps a long time.
    Butter smells rancid when it has spoiled.

    1. The frozen is fine. For the refrigerated I would give it the smell/taste test first. While I have never had butter go rancid I have had some take on an unpleasant taste/smell, probably from absorbing the odors from other items in the 'fridge..

      1. yes, they should be totally fine.
        I often buy butter whenever they go on sale and freeze them with no problem.

        1. I use my nose, don't think I've ever even looked at the expiration date on butter. I imagine if it's frozen it should be fine, just give it a whiff.

          1. some butters taste like blue cheese..is this because it's bad or just the type of butter I bought?

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              Butter should not taste like blue cheese.

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                Cultured butter might have a bit of "funk" like blue cheese, but otherwise it sounds like the butter is absorbing fridge flavors.
                CI preferred plugra butter (foil wrapper didn't absorb odors), and the land o lakes with the special wrapper that didn't absorb odors either.

              2. The frozen is fine.
                The expired five months ago butter from the fridge is potentially funky- try some on a piece of plain toast before using.

                  1. The frozen should be fine. I typically buy butter once a year - I stock up around this time when it is on sale for the holidays and then keep it in the deep freeze, though sometimes people look at you a bit funny when you are buying 30 lbs of butter or so.

                    With the refrigerated one, I'd give it the smell test, then taste it on some bread, and if all is good, I'd use it.

                    1. yes it is safe.

                      good is another matter. taste it.

                      1. Many thanks chow hounders. Ever onward to turkey day. Family coming in today. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.