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Nov 26, 2013 11:06 AM

butter expiration dates

Two unsalted organic pounds of butter: One is frozen and has expiration date of 2/19/12. Second has been refrigerated, not frozen, expiration June 10, 2013. Are they safe to use in dressing, turkey prep, etc?

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  1. Frozen butter keeps a long time.
    Butter smells rancid when it has spoiled.

    1. The frozen is fine. For the refrigerated I would give it the smell/taste test first. While I have never had butter go rancid I have had some take on an unpleasant taste/smell, probably from absorbing the odors from other items in the 'fridge..

      1. yes, they should be totally fine.
        I often buy butter whenever they go on sale and freeze them with no problem.

        1. I use my nose, don't think I've ever even looked at the expiration date on butter. I imagine if it's frozen it should be fine, just give it a whiff.

          1. some butters taste like blue this because it's bad or just the type of butter I bought?

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              Butter should not taste like blue cheese.

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                Cultured butter might have a bit of "funk" like blue cheese, but otherwise it sounds like the butter is absorbing fridge flavors.
                CI preferred plugra butter (foil wrapper didn't absorb odors), and the land o lakes with the special wrapper that didn't absorb odors either.