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Nov 26, 2013 10:59 AM

Infrared temperature gun

if you already have an instant read thermometer probe,

is there any situation where an Infrared temperature gun would be handy?

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  1. As you should have gleaned from the other thread, they serve different purposes. The probe checks the food being cooked to determine readiness. The IR gun is for a surface temp on a cooking vessel or a grill.

    1. I use my IR gun to measure the temperature of my griddle/skillet/pizza steel before adding oil and food to it. I use my temperature probe for sticking into food.

      1. I use my Thermopen IR gun to check temps on my deep fryer

        1. Check oven temperature to verify accuracy of oven.

          1. well, I've got a oven thermometer that does double duty in the bbq and a thermopen.

            I guess an IR gun would be good for the skillet, as my ceramic glass cooktop is unbelievably slow.