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Nov 26, 2013 10:47 AM

Can you critique my shortlist in Paris?

I'm from NYC and staying in Paris just for two nights to see some family. I'm staying in the 10th and may end up dining alone for most of my stay.

I scoured the board and came up with this little list:

tuesday dinner: le verre vole
wednesday breakfast: ten bells coffee (near the canal)
wednesday lunch: le galopin
wednesday dinner: frenchie wine bar or le comptoir du relais
thursday lunch: premices

My french is okay but not great but i dont want to go to places that all the tourists go to as i imagine would be the case at spring or frenchie or comptoir.

Are reservations necessary for weekday lunch?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Reservations are always the way to go.
    Your list is fine but since even your choices are favorites here you may encounter some pesky Yankees.

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    1. You won't get into Le Comptoir on a weekday unless you book months out (or stay here).

      1. Ten Belles has great coffee, not so good baked goods, and such a very hip Brooklyn vibe that you have to pinch yourself to make sure you are in Paris. Other options: the new Café Monde et Médias on the place de la République... fab value and peoplewatching; and (for a late breakfast) La Chambre aux Oiseaux on the rue Bichat... great baked goods and vibe.

        I'd also add Youpi et Voilà as a lunch or dinner option instead of Frenchie bar à vins.

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          The thing about the baked goods at Tell Belles is that they're super fresh. The baker is there on site toiling away. I'd recommend the scones with jam -- more British than French but nevertheless tasty.

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            At breakfast time in this area, I'd go to du Pain et des Idees - their breakfast breads are really outstanding but only when fresh and they sometimes have sacristans in the mornings (rich dough stuffed with pastry cream, heaven when warm).

            And if the weather cooperates, they have a little bench out front where you can consume your goodies or you can walk a block to enjoy them by the canal.