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Nov 26, 2013 10:45 AM

Why all Japanese restaurants xclosed Mondays?

Is there a rule? it like Sabbath? Is this done in Japan?

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  1. Are you talking specifically about L.A.? Otherwise, this will get moved to General Topics. Here's an older post: Gist is that Monday's generally a slower day. But not all Japanese restaurants are closed on Mondays. Shunji is open for both lunch and dinner. Many ramen places are open 7 days a week. et cetera

    1. Restaurants almost always take days off Sunday, Monday, and/or Tuesday, those are the least busy days for restaurants.

      1. Because that is the day the chefs can schedule a golf game at their favorite course without the wait. ;)

        1. Why are theaters dark on Mondays?

          I sense a conspiracy...

          I want them to work seven days a week...

          No break for you!!!


          1. not just l.a. sushi resturants, japanese family resturants.
            Some Chinese restaurants are open even on holidays.