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Why all Japanese restaurants xclosed Mondays?

Is there a rule? it like Sabbath? Is this done in Japan?

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  1. Are you talking specifically about L.A.? Otherwise, this will get moved to General Topics. Here's an older post: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/422438. Gist is that Monday's generally a slower day. But not all Japanese restaurants are closed on Mondays. Shunji is open for both lunch and dinner. Many ramen places are open 7 days a week. et cetera

    1. Restaurants almost always take days off Sunday, Monday, and/or Tuesday, those are the least busy days for restaurants.

      1. Because that is the day the chefs can schedule a golf game at their favorite course without the wait. ;)

        1. Why are theaters dark on Mondays?

          I sense a conspiracy...

          I want them to work seven days a week...

          No break for you!!!


          1. not just l.a. sushi resturants, japanese family resturants.
            Some Chinese restaurants are open even on holidays.

            1. btw is it possible to private message people, how?

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                The only way is to click on their user name (in blue) and see if they have posted an e-mail address on their profile. Then send an e-mail.

                1. I thought cuz fish markets closed Sundays

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                    That's part of the reason, I think.

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                      'Cuz restaurants are run by people, not robots, and people need to rest.

                      Even hard-working restaurant owners occasionally need to feel the wind in their hair; a falcon at their side...

                      No need to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the vimen...

                      ... unless you run a Chinese restaurant.

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                        This is exactly the reason, especially for 'fine dining sushi restaurants' which use high end, exotic Japanese fish and seafood ingredients !!
                        Most if not all of these establishments nowadays airfreight pristine fresh fish direct from Japan ( eg Tokyo's Tsujiki market ). As noted by Jessejames, fish markets in Japan are closed on Sunday!! Hence no fresh products arrival Monday!!

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                          I'm not sure this makes sense base on my understanding of timing. For example, lets say the auction is done and fish ready to leave at 8:00 am Monday morning in Tokyo which is 6:00 pm eastern/3:00 pm pacific on Sunday. I'll give 13 -15 hours travel time between travel to and from airport and flight time to either NYC or LA. So that would get fish to LA at 4:00 am Monday in LA and 9:00 am Monday in NYC. Perhaps too late for fresh fish to get delivered at your favorite sushi place for dinner in NYC but plenty of time for LA. So if this thread started on the LA board, I'm not sure that the availability of the fish from Japan is the principal reason. Tells me that Sunday is a different matter though. Or is my time totally off? Or do the markets in LA open even earlier?

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                            Seafood come from the sea, not just from Japan.

                            The fish market and their wholesalers IN LOS ANGELES, where the Japanese restaurants (and most other restaurants in L.A. for that matter) source their seafood products from all over the world, is closed on Sundays. That's where the bottleneck is.

                            The miracle of modern refrigeration can keep the bestest of Tsukiji grade bluefin tuna frozen solid and "fresh" for many days (and having attended the tuna auction at Tsukiji, them fishies is rock-hard, yo!), so it's not a Tsukiji issue.

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                              Your post doesn't address why places are closed on Mondays as you point out that the market is closed on Sunday . All I was saying was that fish from Japan could be shipped over and be available Monday morning so the thought that the sushi places close on Mondays because they can't get Japanese fish the same day doesn't jibe. Monday morning in Japan is Sunday early morning in LA. My point is that closing of markets in Japan on Sunday had no impact on the ability to get fish sourced from Japan on Monday.

                      2. Shibucho is open Mondays (at least it used to be)
                        When I asked Shige why he was open on Mondays when most Sushi restaurants are closed he said, "Fish market is open Mondays."

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                          yes that's my point. Indian restaurants are open daily too.

                        2. Many Chinese restaurants east of the Mississippi River are also closed on Mondays. The reason there is that they work their employees six days a week, giving them one day off. This is typically Monday, which is probably the slowest day of the week, though sometimes it's Tuesday. So quite possibly many Japanese restaurant workers might also be on a six day workweek.

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                            In Taiwan, Monday is the day that the markets are closed, and if a restaurant takes a day off, that will be it.

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                              I don't know any Chinese restaurants that close on Mondays. Typically, they have a pretty big part-time staff and can field seven days a week. It's not as if they save money by making people work long hours since they're paid hourly.

                            2. Fishermen don't go out on Sunday, so fish that would be delivered on Monday would be from Saturday's catch, thus not being as fresh.

                              1. In Japan, many family-owned businesses close at least one day a week, if not two (on Sundays). Weekday closures are usually on Mon, Tues, or Wed. So yeah, it's usual for people not to work 7 days a week. I'm guessing you don't ever take a break from work.

                                1. Is there a rule? I don't know
                                  Is this done in Japan? I doubt the population wouldput up with all restaurants being closed on Mondays. I was last in Japan in 1978 and don't remember

                                  The Japanese restaurants here in south central CT are open 7 days

                                  1. A lot of restaurants are closed at least one day a week... my favourite chinese place is closed on Sundays. It's a pain because we like to have an easy meal on the weekend, but thye deserve at least one day off!

                                    1. More than 50% of the restaurants in my city in Japan are closed Mondays but it's a pretty typical thing globally.

                                      Restaurants generally close the quietest day to give staff a break. In the 4 countries I have worked in professionally and all 4 being in different continents most restaurants have closed Mondays, the one or two that were not closed on Mondays were closed on Sundays.

                                      People work in restaurants and everyone deserves at least one day off, even restaurant equipment benefits from a day to cool down.

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                                        Specifically regarding 'high-end' Japanese restaurants where fresh fish is the number one premium product sold it is so that in Japan the fisherman's and fish markets traditional day off is Sunday. No one works to ship on Sundays as has already been pointed out on this thread.
                                        Restaurants like 'ISE' in NY don't take delivery of the fresh fish until Thursday night.
                                        Like AB advices restaurant goers: "never order the fish on Mondays".

                                      2. A large majority of Chinese and Vietnamese (and not Japanese, Korean) restaurants here (Vancouver, BC) are closed on Tuesdays.