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Nov 26, 2013 10:44 AM

Sunday night dinner in Tokyo

We will be in Tokyo in May and I'm starting to put together my restaurant reservations. I'm having a hard time finding restos open on Sunday eve. We are staying in Shinjuku - so we'd like the spot to be fairly close - to medium close. We are looking for Japanese cuisine of any kind - expensive or reasonable - doesn't matter as long as the food is good.
So far I've booked Yasuda and Nodaiwa for dinners on other evenings.

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  1. There are thousands of restaurants in Shinjuku, and most of them are open on Sundays, although some of them close an hour earlier than during the week.

    I always enjoy Yuian on the 52nd floor of the Shinjuku Sumitomo Bldg (03-3342-5671).

    1. 4-5 months in advance, on a Sunday night, you can even try to book difficult places like the Yakitori in Meguro Torishiki.
      About sushi Yasuda, do you mean the chef Yasuda from the US ? There is a recent topic on this one :
      If you're in Shinjuku, I highly recommend you sushi Sagane, their first set is at 8300yens tax included :