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Nov 26, 2013 09:47 AM

How long is a defrosted turkey good for?

Due to an impending snowstorm here in Western New York and the work schedules of my guests, Thanksgiving is postponed until Saturday. I've had a 20-lb turkey thawing in the fridge since Friday. My fridge tends to run cold. I estimate it will be fully thawed tomorrow (Wednesday). Will it still be OK to cook on Saturday?

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  1. if it's still partially frozen today, it will be fine for Saturday. I wouldn't let it go past that, though.

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      They can last a surprisingly long time. I bought a fresh turkey on Sunday and was told it was good until Dec. 6.

    2. Keep it as low in your fridge as you can and try not to open the door too much. The bird will be just fine IMO.

      1. Thinking a 20 lb bird, frozen solid last Friday, is very likely to NOT be totally thawed even tomorrow. You'll probably be able to remove the "gifts" from inside, but I'd put money on a good chance you'd still find ice crystals tomorrow. Wouldn't think twice about waitiing till Saturday to roast it.

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          Thanks, everyone! Needless to say, I'm feeling a lot better about the situation.