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Nov 26, 2013 09:33 AM

ISO american cheese

I'm not looking for individually wrapped slices, I'm looking for a block of american cheese, or a place that will slice it.

I know that this site typically caters to 'higher quality' goods, but I want to make a classic home style grilled cheese.

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  1. Hmmnn ... block of American cheese?

    The closest thing I can think of is going to Costco Bellingham and buying some cheese ... i've experienced some Tillamook pre-sliced American cheese off the block, not the preformed stuff. That worked well with "classic home-style grilled cheese".

    Other than that, I would call up a cheese specialty store and ask around. Perhaps the major vendors, even Walmart, might carry something under the radar.

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    1. re: bill_n_opus

      Cracker Barrel is as close as you'll get at Walmart.

      Whole Foods ? The new Target (Coq, Lansdowne, Metrotown) might, if they carry some groceries ?

      Concur with Bill ..... best to just cross the line (Pt. Roberts, Blaine, Lynden, Ferndale, etc) and grab some from either The Markets or Haggen:

      Closest "The Markets" is at Birch Bay just off I-5 before the rest stop:

    2. Do they sell Velveeta north of the border?

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      1. i am being very nosy - and we are a North Am household who happens to live in BC ... we are all for the traditions of Cdn and US Thxgiving - what are you making with Velveeta? ----

        that product used to be up here in Cda - tho - I haven't looked for Velveeta recently so can't help you re: that question

        for other USA cheese - we do certainly like the black plastic wrapped block of Tillamook cheddar - avail in most supermarkets south of the border here in BC... it is an orange color cheddar.inside the black wrapper.

        otherwise - Baldersons cheddar out of Ontario and readily avail usually in the fancy cheese area of most supermarkets. We prefer it over the "Coastal" which I think comes from UK. There are various ages of Baldersons - so you'll have to try each one to find your preference. With a good sliced BC apple and nice bread / cracker - Baldersons is great.

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        1. re: Georgia Strait

          Ya gotta like Balderson's address :-)

          But still pricey comparatively. If cross-border shopping is easy & viable (ie: Nexus pass) for you, I'd recommend going down there. BTW, at The Markets (try the one at Birch Bay Square: you can buy this large re-usable foil shopping bag which is lined and acts as a short-term cooler. Good for bringing back dairy and other perishables (esp. if you don't have Nexus and have to wait in line for umpteen time). I think I paid $4 for it.

          Concur with Tillamook, you can't go wrong with 'em ..... best value for quality/money:

          1. re: LotusRapper

            Wasn't the OP looking for American cheese which to my understanding refers to processed.

            It seems to be easy to make and there are loads of recipes online eg

            Seems pretty doable and to me, preferable to Velveeta

            1. re: kinnickinnik

              He said: "I'm not looking for individually wrapped slices ...." henceforth precludes processed slices.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                I took that to mean processed but not presliced and individually wrapped. "American Cheese" is by definition processed

                1. re: kinnickinnik

                  Ya, I wasn't looking for slices.

                  The suggestions of Target was great - thanks.

                  Thanks all for the suggestions. If I find any I will report back!

                  1. re: koshfoodie

                    Just happened to be at the Richmond Target today, so I quickly checked out the cheese section for you :-) They have the same stock that the typical supermarket has ...... Black Diamond, Cracker Barrel and generic brand I forget the name to. No Tillamooks or other better brands :-(

          2. re: Georgia Strait

            Another U.S. household living in Vancouver -- I have no love for "American Cheese" as such, but you can't make real chile con queso without velveeta. If you've never had Tex-Mex style queso fundido, you're missing out (note: nothing called "queso" in any of the Pacific Northwest's Mexican restaurants will qualify as "real queso").

            It's not a thanksgiving food, but at least for Texans like us its definitely comfort food.

            We can get velveeta around town w/no problem, the closest place to get a block of tillimook (sp?) or similar is probably in Blaine -- there is a big supermarket in the first strip mall on the left after you cross at the Pacific crossing.

            1. re: pusherman

              you can get Tilimook cheese in Point Roberts; bit closer and easier crossing; not sure about pricing.

              1. re: Philx

                Depends where you originate in the Lower Mainland.

                I find 56 St through Tsawwassen a real pain sometimes traffic-wise. And that supermarket (Point Roberts Market Place ) is quite sad.

                Having said that, Brewster's Fine Foods in west Pt. Roberts (off of Marine Dr) has a dang good deli and store, with a lil' bistro to boot (I've not eaten there). They're almost like a miniature Whole Foods/Urban Fare of Pt. Roberts :-)

              2. re: pusherman

                Yup, that would be Cost Cutter off of H Street:



                Next to the Rite-Aid.

            2. Grocery Outlet in SF Bay Area had it recently. If GO isn't in B.C., then the Bellingham store might have it.

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              1. re: GH1618

                happy thanksgiving from BC - yes we are fans of Grocery Outlet - there is one in Bellingham - tho i have been to the Oregon PDX area Outlets only - and one in Chehalis WA (spell?)

                1. re: Georgia Strait

                  Yup, at the corner of Ellis and York:


                  Kitty corner to the flea market.

              2. I am pretty sure Santa Barbara Market on the Drive has it. I can't recall what the name they use for it is. The white kind in a block which they slice for you.

                American cheese in a block is one of my guilty pleasures too. (I'm also a transplant from the States.) It does taste better than the individually wrapped kind. Less plastic.