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Nov 26, 2013 08:40 AM

Cinnamon Ice Cream

I need to find some cinnamon ice cream, preferably packed in quarts not half gallons. Somewhere between approximately Mission Gorge Rd. on the West and the125 on the East.

Yes, I have an ice cream maker. Yes, I could make it myself, but that is not an option this time around,so I'd just like some ideas for where to find it in the SDSU to La Mesa area.


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  1. After seeing your post I did a quick Google search, because cinnamon ice cream would be a really nice addition to my apple pie!

    Have you (or anyone on this board) tried Mariposa Ice Cream in Normal Heights? Looks interesting.

    PS - Might be a little farther west than Mission Gorge but not too far.

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    1. re: melee

      Took the words right from my hands. I was going to suggest Mariposa's too.

      1. re: melee

        Thank you. That was kind of my thought as well. Mariposa isn't that far afield.

      2. Not quite in the area you are looking, but Nado Gelato sometimes has cinnamon... and its good

        1. If you want to go the packaged-route (as opposed to an ice cream shoppe), Blue Bunny makes Cinnamon Ice Cream and can be found at just about any local grocery store (Ralphs, Albertsons, Vons, etc.)