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Nov 26, 2013 08:12 AM

multiclad cookware separates

I am looking to replace some of my pots and pans with all clad or multiclad pieces. I am not looking for a complete set although some of the sales make it tempting. Is there anywhere in the GTA other than Caynes that I should be checking out?

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  1. I'd look at Bed Bath and Beyond as well. Sign up for email and get "20% off one item" coupons pretty regularly.

    1. Try Nella and Nella Cucina. I love the Cuisinox Elite cookware. It's an All-Clad lookalike (3-ply sides and bottom) for a fraction of the price. All pieces sold separately.

      1. This time of year Williams Sonoma offers some pretty decent deals on All Clad & Calphalon. Also check out their clearance tables, as there are often some nice pieces available.