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Nov 26, 2013 06:57 AM

Cabbagetown these days?

Looking for a dinner destination in Cabbagetown - somewhere fun, food-driven, not too fancy, all without breaking the bank (thinking under/around $20 for mains). I know the usual suspects Stout and HOP, but am bringing some pals from out of town and want something a little more - a "foodie destination". No prohibitions on any varying type of cuisine (eg ethnicity). Somewhere a group of 2-4 could get a table at around 7pm on a Thursday night.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I live in Cabbagetown, and it's unfortunately not much of a foodie destination. Other than HOP I would recommend's one of the best restaurants in Cabbagetown in my opinion. F'Amelia is another option (it's not my favourite, but some people seem to love it). Zakkushi might be an option if you're into yakitori. We get delivery from Rashnaa a lot and it's quite good (the restaurant itself doesn't quite have the ambiance of the others, though, if you want to eat in).

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      +1 for Kingyo as the best food and best experience in the neighbourhood. However, I strongly suggest BOOKING Kingyo as at 7:00 pm on a weeknight they can be booked out!

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        +1 for F'Amelia. i prefer the pizza crust at F'Amelia over Queen Margherita which is sometimes soggy and Libretto which is sometimes burnt. Also the pasta with rabbit is very good.

      2. There is also a nice little place on Parliament south of Wellesley called Under the Table-good food, good prices. Great oxtails, Ackee and Cod, Meatloaf and fabulous funnel cake. Very nice atmosphere.