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Nov 26, 2013 05:16 AM

Cook's Ilustrated website renewal cost!!!

CI website renewal cost is $49.95?!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!! They have an "automatic" renewal system that I am not happy about given the price increase.
For those of you that have a CI website subscription, what are you paying for renewal?

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  1. Another indication of their arrogance.

    1. I refused to renew it this year. You have to pay the premium subscription to get access to all the recipes and it just found it wasn't worth it. I have several of the cookbooks and several years of the magazine, so I just look through those instead. One day I'll get to cataloging the magazines so I can find a recipe easier.

      1. I don't subscribe to CI but on other subscriptions I have called and gotten a better deal. You may try doing that.

        1. Thanks for the responses. I had posted in the wrong forum so I hope to get more replies regarding the cost of the CI website renewal subscription.

          Anyone know the cost of renewal as of Nov 2013?
          I have no problem paying for website info provided and I am a big fan of CI. Nevertheless, $49.95 seems a bit much.

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          1. re: Duprista

            I just got an email yesterday to rejoin the website for $34.95 for standard. I haven't been a member for a few years.

            Down the end of the email was this:

            Get Recipes That Work® wherever you go with our FREE Membership Companion App for iPhone and iPod Touch.
            Members get access to:
            • The entire Cook's Illustrated database of recipes, equipment reviews, and ingredient taste tests
            • Recipe videos, shopping lists, kitchen timers, and more useful tools
            • A Favorites tool, which lets you tag favorite recipes and content for easy access later

            Is this implying that you'd have access to premium content then too? It does say entire database.

            A couple of months ago I got another email that offered me a one year web subscription for $17.50 for a year and then it would renew at the $34.95. I did get that one, but had so much trouble getting logged in over a weekend I emailed and said to cancel it which they did.

            1. re: hummingbird

              I can tell you that for $34.95, you don't get access to what was once called Editor's Choice recipes. They "re-branded" that as the Cook Book Collection and revoked membership for anyone who'd payed for the additional cost for Editor's Choice when they re-launched the site. Real nice of them.

              I would imagine the additional $15 accounts for Cook Book Collection, bringing the total up to to $49.95.

          2. Wow. I renewed at $34.95 in September, which is still ridiculously high.